Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fully Functioning Runway 11/29 Indicates 787 Completness

In Everett Washington at Paine Field, is a runway number 11/29. Apply named the Crosswinds Runway for its NW to SE axis during times of cross winds, it can land small aircraft. But it doesn't. It merely acts as an indicator for Boeing's robust 787 program. The indicator shows a backlog of early 787 parked in the symmetry of  of a long line.

Matt Cawby Photo Credit See kpae.blogspot.com "support KPAE" August 2014  photo

When this long line empties, Boeing has cleared the airplane decks. The news is, Boeing has revealed a cleaning out and said, "in 4-8 months all early builds of the troublesome 787 will be gone," by suggesting they will be in customer hands or moved into a production refit center.

Runway ownership belongs to the Paine Field Airport Authority, not Boeing. Damage to the runway belongs to Boeing as aircraft sink further into the asphalt. Boeing will make it right with Paine field. This is a small runway for small aircraft, not the 787. This runway would be used during times of strong cross winds. The north/south axis main runways are used by all heavy aircraft. Paine field plans improvement and Boeing plans a full functioning Just-In-Time production model.

Currently Boeing builds 787 with skill of a juggler. Some go to the flight line for its completeness stage, and some go to the rework center since space is a premium. Those going indoors are placed in long-term parking as it completes. Those aircraft are for customers needing a buffer of time before delivery. The longest term parking are the dead aircraft waiting for buyers such as the early build 787 waiting on 11/29.

The "just new" Flight line aircraft receive its completeness parked outdoors, as they are already purchased with customer crews who are camped out in Everett during waiting, testing and studying about its intended 787.

That is why Runway 11/29 is so important. It becomes the flare gun shot in the air once the runway empties of 787. Boeing becomes "787 production optimal"! It represents supply chain problems are mastered, it represent program maturity for building the 787, and finally it represents Boeing has reached its break even point for the 787 project. Boeing has predicted 787 Break-even by the end of year 2015. Runway 11/29 is not just a number/name, it's emptying represents everything for both Boeing and Paine Field moving forward.   Boeing's and Paine Field's ABC goal:
  • Availability
  • Break-even
  • Completeness