Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dominic Gates Seattle Times Is At It Again

Boeing retools Renton plant for 737’s big ramp-up

So the Seattle Times gives a great preview of Boeing's 737 make-over of production in Renton, Washington. Rather than misspell myself into Blogger bliss, I will make it short. Click the link above and enjoy the article by Dominic Gates of the Seattle Times.

Reference the above link on your computer for a great article concerning both the NG and Max projects running simultaneous with a 52 737 a year clip by 2018. The year is just a number that sounds far off. It is less time than car payment book. The Five years lead time started several years back, when Boeing announced the Max. But in less than 36 months the big show at 737 central will be flying the 737 aircraft off the tarmac at 47 a month pace. Once the Max is tested and ready for delivery, the rate will grow to its production goal of 52 a month.

Systems installation at Boeing’s Renton plant now takes place on six 737 fuselages at the same time. That will grow to nine fuselages later this year as production ramps up. These fuselage sections move on a rail system from one position to the next.  (Mike Siegel/The Seattle Times)

737 Production Pins
Photo Credit Seattle Times See Video in factory at the Seattle Times Link above.