Sunday, November 16, 2014

Through Earth, Wind, And Fire-Ethiopian Airlines Is The Best

Ethiopian Named African Airline of the Year

Happy landings on Terra Firma. Strong tail winds across Africa and the world, and finally a dispatched repair for a massive conflagrated crown of its 787 at London Heathrow. Ethiopian wins the best of the show out of Africa. With a largely Boeing fleet, its taken the sharp Boeing knife and became the Airline of the year for the continent. However, its footprint goes beyond the continent. it meshes with Africa's other flying airlines, and goes worldly with its 787's and 777's. The leadership of Ethiopian has a plan, and early in the life of this blog I mentioned, "watch Ethiopian and what it will do".
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On December 11,2012 Winging It said, Watch Ethiopian Airlines For The Money!!!

Blog Quote: December 11, 2012

" Another look is for Ethiopian Airlines in what the 787 does for its bottom line.  They will be a good case study, since they own such a smaller number of aircraft and fly long routes. The 787 will have an immediate impact from its operations, where you will see how it drives the bottom line at the end of next fiscal year.  This is a manageable study of its business plan and bottom line. You may gain a distinct appreciation for the 787's financial impact on Ethiopian  Airlines."

My take from two years ago still says, "Ethiopian is Bank". Not only has it withstood calamity and competition, it remains on its on its expansion plan during a long range period. The heads of Ethiopian saw opportunity and seized it with a firm grip. 

Referenced Blog once again Dec 12, 2012: Ethiopian section enclosed.

Boeing 787 not profitable for another 9 years?

 Ethiopian will make it goals as it has already achieved a significant role for Africa, during the last two years. This award recognises what was predicted earlier. Its the premier airline for Africa.