Thursday, October 23, 2014

United Adjust Order Book For More 787-10's

It was just announced that United/Continental is changing its 787 order book by moving some 787-8's to the 787-10 category. Below are some numbers  from All Things 787 Blog Statistics, which are very reliable, show only one more 787-8 available for delivery. The statement that they will move 787-8's to an order of 787-10s is confusing. As reported below from Reuters link;

"During a conference call with analysts and journalists, the Chicago-based carrier also said it had converted orders for Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners to 787-10 models, a move that defers the delivery date to 2022 and beyond from 2017 to 2018 currently."

United Airlines capacity to rise next year; converts 787 order

"United Airlines said it is looking for used aircraft to adjust capacity and lower its capital expense, and noted it had recently purchased two used 737-700s from a leasing company that it declined to name. (Reporting by Alwyn Scott, Editing by Franklin Paul)"

From the chart below there are no backlog for 787-8's so this mean there are some option aircraft moving to a firmed order number for 787-10's from optioned 787-8's classification or they are taking from outstanding 787-9's not yet delivered which they have in abundance at this time , counting that still has 25 787-9's net yet delivered. Reuters likes to confuse sometimes when not fact checking.

Customer Name Customer Code Model Ordered Delivered Undelivered
2012 787-Deliveries 2013 787-8 Deliveries 2014 787-8 Deliveries 2014 787-9 Deliveries
United Air Lines UAL/CAL 787-8   12   11   1
6 2 3
United Air Lines UAL/CAL 787-9 26 1 25 1
United Air Lines UAL/CAL 787-10 27 0 27