Monday, October 6, 2014

Insuring An On Time 777X Is Just As Critical As Making It

Boeing is readying its Everett plant and wide spread facilities for one mission. Get it right the first time on time. In Everett, its all hands on deck for the new 777X  wing assembly center. In St. Louis, Spirit is reading its part as the larger 777X assembly part manufacturer. This time around there will not be 787 like dithering in the airplane preparation. This "Moon Shot" is not a guesstimation 787-8 fly by long night after long night works. Its everything Boeing has done, and can be done on time and in place for the 777X. It's a drag race to the finish against the un-launched A350-1000, yet to built or tested. Folding wings is the least of Boeing's headaches on the table. They have been doing that since World War II. The main thing is getting facilities tooled and ready for the the Biggest Show on Earth, using some of PT Barnum's tactics to pull orders into the big tent.

Boeing is "sinking", literally sinking its assets into Everett turf. The "Plan" is to make something out of whole cloth fly like the best aircraft ever flown in the world, using the rabbits from Boeing's hat as the show stoppers. This is not just a "Fly-by-wire" act or a new LIon in the center ring. It is the big show we aspire to be in. The all plastic thing went with the mini skirt, however there are many fans of the mini skirted 787. This time it's, all about the contours in the wings, the tail and the airplane face, where Boeing will exploit its competitors. Then, on the runway, the wings will fold before the Jetway audience. Ohhh, and gasps as it makes its appearance are the sounds, when the 777X turns and hooks up with the jet way.

The customers remark, "those wings are plastic, they are nicer looking than the originals, where they just sagged a bit hanging on those large cans"!

The big show is on, as this show girl is wooing the airline audience.

Boeing will begin by regaining its reputation by starting on time. That is the big news, its sinking a big amount of resources into making the deadline. They already know how to make it fly farther, faster and cheaper with fuel. So pull all the lessons learned to the fore front and give it to the 777X. "People, we don't have to do it all over again. We just have to match the right technology to the right application." The 777X is going revolutionize the best of Boeing, by taking the 787 DNA and infuse it into the 777X. In return the 777X will give back to the 787 family of aircraft as it further takes on laminar flow and engine evolution.