Thursday, October 16, 2014

Airbus Puffs Its Chest Through EASA Certification

The XWB A350 has gained another puffing bench mark with its European Aviation Safety Agency certification greater than the American ETOPS certification for Boeing's 787 family aircraft of 330 minutes. They awarded Airbus an  extra 40 minutes single engine flying time with a  370 minutes ETOPS rating.
Sans Engine, Fueling A-350-9 Under 370 Minutes

What does it matter? Not much at this time, since most to "All" common routes fall within the 330 minute ETOPS certification from the US governance of Airlines. Airbus can now stick another sticker on its body with the XWB , moniker,  ETOPS 370 Euro designation. The 787 won't bother with anymore puffing stickers, as it is concerned with fitting the market better with its 787 program. An extra forty minute single engine certification on the Airbus A350 will not alter its routing in the market. Unless a new, never before routing occurs, and straight line flying is required for its unique distance flying around the globe, during any two points encountered.

However, this becomes a useless John Leahy talking point at the next airshow. Airbus has the XWB going 370 minutes ETOPS on one engine. I couldn't stand the suspense for 370 minutes on a single engine stretch of the Pacific anyways. Its nice to know you can circle the nearest airport an extra 40 minutes in your XWB ride waiting to land if needed.

XWB is a term when comparing bodies in inches for the 787 and feet on single aisle. It becomes extra weight over the life of the airplane. The 777X will not be a good Airbus comparison as it will be a 2XWB over the Airbus configured dimensions. I am also confident the 787 could test for the 370 EASA certification, if it needed to do so. Since it has already done the 330 ETOPS, which defaulted an acceptance within the European governance, it won't need to do so for the 370 ETOPS. It's just an additional plane sticker for airshows, since the FAA doesn't have a 370 ETOPS classification in its certification program.