Wednesday, October 1, 2014

3rd Quarter Boeing Bank Notations Are In: (Updated)

Deliveries are in for the third quarter 2014 of which Boeing has received cash money on each 787 provided, totaling 31 copies for the 3rd quarter. Several items of note are provided below from production values: One unit was moved out of September into October resulting in a final tally for 10 September 787's delivered, and reducing the moving average for the quarter to 10.33 units per month from 10.67 for the three months averaged per +-30 days.

Quarterly Production Notes:
  • 31 787's (including Four 787-9's)
  • 27 787-8's
  •   4 787-9's

Summary notes: That Boeing, inspite of it's often reported work slowdowns, and  plant changes due to its upgrades installed within aircraft, they have maintained Ten A Month Delivery over the last two quarters. That's right six months straight where they are averaging over Ten A Month, the listed/stated goal. Boeing is not out of the woods yet, but it is coming down the home stretch in a solid position with the lead.

Goal +/-                          07/2014    08/2014          Projecting      September (actual)  Delta 
Month Deliveries              *8              **13               10            10                           -3
3 M-M-avg                      11.33           12.33            10            10.33                  + .33
Production Goal                10               10                 10           10                             0
Delivery Trend (+/- )       -1.33            +2.33                   -. 0          + .33      /Target           >                
                                       *PM-Start      **M.A.P.                            PM-End
*Progression Months
**Moving Average Progression