Friday, May 16, 2014

300th Post Mention and for the Record

I have reached 300 posts since November 2012. It has been a pleasure sharing my interest in aviation and would like to contiue as an outlet for my facination in the 787 and the Boeing saga. My commentary is full of dry humor and important observations. It is up to the reader to verify and then trust for yourself. I have tried to be purposfully biased and accurate at the same time. Boeing is my target in this saga. I show no love for Airbus as it is necessary for them to be my villan in this saga, for no particular reason, Other than the fact I fell into the Boeing tank a while back, and now I'm stuck with its success or failures just the same.

The 300 hundreth post Link below:

According to All Things 787 Blog It Flew 18 Hours 8 Minutes

Thank you to all and keep reading, because I get it right on occassion, and its often ahead of the news cycle.