Wednesday, May 14, 2014

According to All Things 787 Blog It Flew 18 Hours 8 Minutes

According to the the test flight schedule All Things 787 provides, the 787-9 flew a test flight with a duration of 18 hours and 8 Minutes on May 13, 2014. It leavers people like me unable to understand, what all that means so I'll attempt to figure it out. It is a wonderful sign in testing that the 787-9 has legs. It can go to the same spot in the world going east or west and arrive 18 hours later. At 500 miles per hour its a plus 9,000 mile flight. And so forth. More details would be helpful, but its a significant testing milestone for the 787-9 program.

Uresh has responded on his "All Things 787", blog site. Boeing completing the 787-9 ETOPs certification and testing flight. The 787-9 is nearing its completion of testing having accomplished such a lengthy flight of this type. End of June, is in Boeing's gun sight for testing completion for an FAA 787-9 certification event. The first New Zealand Air delivery by mid year, probably in the month of July is on track. Good news for the customers.