Saturday, March 15, 2014

Flight MH370, A Terrible Thought Has Surfaced

The recent disappearance of flight MH370 has brought many of the usual items checked off for, in a rescue effort and finding the location of said missing flight. I wrote briefly before about flight MH370 on an earlier blog. Since this horrible disappearance has happened, I have fallowed the Wall Street Journal as it continues to explore all relevant information concerning the flight. Because of this due diligence from the WSJ, I had a perfect storm of a thought I would like to share.

The WSJ Has Reported:

  • Tracking Beacons and communication went down south of Vietnam 
  • Pinging and other engine data continued to report (ping for four more hours
  • The last data ping put the aircraft well out into the Indian Ocean heading westerly
  • The 777-200ER a long range wide body is officially a mystery.
  • Further examination of this aircraft type concludes: somebody on board is trained and has expertise for this aircraft type to disable beacons, reporting computers and other satellite homing communications used for locating this aircraft.
What can be observed #1 is that the plane shredded like no other of class size has in the history of aviation and therefore has evaporated with all systems not leaving a trail. While an airplane of this stature, disintegrated and crashed after flying for four more hours from its disappearance nullifies this scenario. 

One other piece of critical data is its seven hours of fuel on board. Flight MH370 took off and flew about an hour heading for China and then turn abruptly towards the India Ocean with six remaining hours of fuel. It used up about 70% of its fuel when the last ping was recorded. Flight MH370 still had two hours of fuel that could go another thousand miles before making a descent downward.  This is important and it is  why so many military people are eager to find this aircraft.

If this airplane somehow landed on an unconventional surface away from people, it would put this incident in a unique position. If terrorist  did indeed take the aircraft is was not for publicity, it was for another mission far much more sinister. A refueled fully weaponize wide Body aircraft could fly and make havoc almost anywhere in the the super power part of the world. This aircraft has long legs and can go anywhere. That is why the military is so anxious, because a threat exists that may be even worse than 9/11. This aircraft has the potential of a mission specific strike that could disrupt what little peace we have today in the world. Because the communications were cut -off during 4 hrs during the blacken part of its flight, those on board had planned for years with training to do what they have accomplished to date. This airplane can now fly of the grid and show up anywhere seeking it main purpose of the high jackers. That is my disturbing thought with flight MH270. Like a war games thriller this has a sinister back story that could include weapons of mass destruction by using a wide body like the 777-200ER as its delivery system.

I awoke with these horrible thoughts and needed to write and share that possibility with those who have already come to that conclusion.