Thursday, October 31, 2013

When You Wake Up November 1. You May Read 87 Boeing Billions

"Say whaaaat, 87 $Billion in orders scooped in Dubai for Boeing. I know its post Halloween and you may still be dubious of claims after Halloween, especially from the walking dead before morning coffee. But this one may have legs that walk through boardrooms around the world. Emirates and even Qatar orders for the 777X may  scare the the Beelzebub's out of you. No matter how cryptic this news message is from all of all places Hispanic Business it made me look and read on! I thought they sound as crazy as I was about Boeing in my Order prognostications last year when I said it would take 150 orders for the type to launch it. Well, this stellar publication only second to WSJ (:)has come forward with this terrific endorsement of my Boeing musing in a perfect world. Keep the applause quiet some people are trying to either work or sleep.

Must  read for effective coffee spewing:

Boeing Lines up $87 Billion in Mideast Orders for 777X

"The 255 planes under discussion included as many as 100 to 150 for Dubai-based Emirates, about 50 for Qatar Airways and as many as 30 for Etihad Airways, said the people, who asked not to be identified as the negotiations were private.

Cathay Pacific Airways was weighing a purchase of as many as 25 of the aircraft in a transaction that would probably come before the Dubai event, one of the people added. The expo runs from November 17 to 21 and is often a showcase for long-haul jets like the 777."

The above tease was copied first for your news pleasure before the morning arrives. Just sleep on it and if you are already at work in daylight, "put that in your pipe and smoke it" before a hundred links appear before your eyes and confuse the sensibility further. Boeing will launch way above my imaginary prediction from last year. Sleep well airline exec East of  Staten island. Everyplace is east of  New york even New Jersey if you travel far enough on the 777X.