Thursday, October 10, 2013

When JAL Made Me Cough My Cookies

Good Job JAL, I'm taking a week off with my therapist. Rehab has been wonderful. You know its so good that I want to write about Norwegian Air. You know them as the Vikings, that threw an Axe at Boeing. BUT, it isn't that at all like that. Norwegian is actuallly loyal and in love with the dreamliner, and not willing to even consider an A-350 or anything else, even when its troubled 787, is parked for referbishment.  The secret, shhhh, don't tell anyone is "Boeings Gold Care". Norwegian bought it! Wow, I never saw that one comeing, Gold Care. This means Boeing is responsible for the Norwegian's 787 problems. It means Boeing engineers, mechanics and ground team are staying at 5 star facilities making the 787 into a champ.. Did JAL,  do Gold Care?

The CEO of Norwegian Air, has recovered from his buzz kill when both of His 787's passed some problems in public. A tap on the shoulder from a co-exec and a whisper,"Gold Care and kippers at six tonight"!  Bjorn Kjos, Ceo Norwegian Air was resessitated for the next interview, and somehow this Blogger could go to physco therapy with a clear mind.  I now don't have to throw brick bats  at JAL or even ANA if they betray Boeing as well.

Here is why, Jet Star knows the score and so does Norwegian. Norwegian hedged its bet with Boeing Gold Care, having Boeing experts fixing its airplanes.   Here is my, "I'm on vacation link"

Norwegian Air CEO says Boeing changed 787 pump design

In this ariticle I found therapy for my shattered nerves.

  • A CEO excited about the 787
"I think the Dreamliner is going to be a fantastic aircraft," said Kjos, a former fighter-jet pilot."
  • An Airline with a Boeing solutions pouring forth
Boeing later said it constantly improves its planes after they begin service. "As part of that process we have made minor changes to the 787 hydraulic pump in an effort to improve the airplane's performance and reliability."
  • An abated heart attack when Boeing came a running
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The chief executive officer of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA said on Thursday that Boeing Co redesigned an important part to fix a faulty 787 Dreamliner, revealing a more extensive reworking of the high-tech, $200 million (125.1 million pounds) jet than had previously been disclosed.
Bjorn Kjos told Reuters in an interview that Boeing created a new version of a malfunctioning hydraulic pump that controls flaps used to steer the plane as part of a two-week overhaul to fix problems with the jet. (Reuters interview:
  • The Happy Face Icon is allowed on Norwegian Air computers
  • They could careless about the A-350
Kjos said he was not considering the 787-10, because that longer version has less range than the 787-9 model. He also was not interested in the Airbus A350, a competing plane that recently beat out Boeing's yet-to-be-launched 777X for a landmark order from Japan Airlines Co Ltd <9201.T> breaking the lock on JAL that Boeing has held for decades.
  • They saw JAL's move and thought, "Idiots" money , money, money- lost leader
Kjos said he wants to buy more 787s - including the forthcoming stretch version, the 787-9 - to allow passenger growth at Nor wegian Air that he forecast at 20 percent a year, up from about 20 million passengers a year currently. But he provided no details on potential orders or timing.
"Nothing can substitute a Dreamliner. I'm totally convinced that we made the right decision when we went for the Dreamliner," he said.
  • And then thought, "the 787- is money,money money, is what we make!"
Norwegian Air's forecast growth of 20 percent a year in coming years will require more 787s beyond the eight it already has ordered, with two delivered, he added.
The airline is considering destinations that include Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Seattle and Minneapolis. Those flights might not all go through Europe.
"We fly where people fly," he said, noting a huge demand - and competition - from Asia to Europe and the United States.
The airline is hiring flight crews based in New York and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to allow more flights from those cities as it receives more Dreamliners in coming months.
Norwegian Air is due to receive its third Dreamliner in late November and a fourth early next year. Those jets will allow it to begin daily flights from New York, Kjos said.
Norwegian Air is the first budget airline in recent years to offer transatlantic services. It plans to fly to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando, Florida, on top of its routes to Fort Lauderdale and New York.
Last year, Norwegian Air placed Europe's biggest aircraft order when it bought 222 planes from Boeing and Airbus. It has been one of Europe's most successful carriers, taking market share from SAS AB while moving outside its traditional Nordic market by setting up bases in London and Spain.
The airline said it can operate long-haul flights for 30 percent less than traditional airlines, mainly because of the Dreamliner's lower operating cost and the jet's ability to fly for 18 out of 24 hours, he said.

After the article is skimmed  through, my therapist said "I'm okay you're Okay" (I read the book in the seventies). The world is at least moving in circles each day. The JAL/Airbus tryist is a broken trust and friendship thing. **it happens sometimes. Boeing has to believe in itself and continue the fight, which I'm sure they were doing several months ago when they suspected they were loosing an order with one of its closest partners. JAL at least owes Boeing an explaination, because friendship  and trust means something in this day and age.

If no explaination is offered, other than a money difference, then Boeing has been excused as a trusted partner and that's that! Japan has just opened a door for Boeing to take its options forward. Shared technology is on the table as is everything else.

PS Therapy is overated.