Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Qatar Airways says will not launch Boeing 787-10X

"We like launching aircraft but not every aircraft. We are not a supermarket," Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker told Reuters.

  • The real Gem has longer legs. A 6,500 mile aircraft is not the apple of Qatar's eye and will not use its considerable marketing capital on the -10X.  
  • I believe its a sign that they will place a substantial order for the 777X-8, 9 series in the coming months, as the -10X will launch in Paris with other customers.  
  • Yes, they are interested in the 787-10X, but it will wait until other considerations and priorities are checked off first before buying-in. 

A 787-10X will complete a strategy that goes beyond the mid -east center. Qatar is filling the Mid-East market with luxury and high standards for an airline business. That same standard can expand into new markets not just serving the world with Qatar as its hub. During its next expansion is when it will need the 787-10X.  Launch customers are probably a done deal at this point in time, and Qatar will not crowd in on the current offering.  The plan could be an expansion of routes not centric to the region's needs, but chasing economic opportunity in various parts of the world offering the Qatar standard of excellence that travelers seek.  

They are not a Jetstar   You know, the one that proposes 21 business class in three rows and 314 seats in economy, stacked in like cord wood flying across Australia on a -8. Qatar is the refined airline that will offer a luxurious experience, modeled on its own mideast character of having no equal, and setting expectation high for the traveler. New regional hubs with the Qatar signature, will spring forth having Qatar moving business and elite travelers everywhere with the Qatar standards intact. At that point the -10 will arrive.

Seating does not resemble Jetstar, its main function is making travel a pleasure not an endurance run.

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Case in Point on Expanding Market: Qatar Airways chief urges Africa to open its skies

The chief of Qatar Airways on Tuesday slammed Africa’s closed door policy on outside airlines, urging states to open up the continent’s skies.

The Gulf carrier’s chief executive Akbar al-Baker said Africa had huge potential and was the world’s most underserved region due to the “impediment” put in place by most governments.

“I think it is very important that the authorities revisit this” closed door policy, Baker told a media briefing at the International Air Transport Association’s annual meeting.

He suggested that aviation is a sector that governments had to “review in order for them to benefit with the kind of help” received from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

“I think they should also advise the governments that with all this aid coming, you also need to have a sustainable project and that is to allow airlines to come,” he added.

This was in order for the airlines to bring more people, jobs and business opportunities, he said.

Liberalisation has long been a challenge in Africa where local markets have been shielded from competitors, including other carriers on the continent.

“The dominant airlines here have huge influence over their governments and these airlines are providing distorted information to the governments,” said Baker.

He cited an example where landing permission had been denied by an unnamed African country after flights were sold. 

“This was influenced by the national carrier because they are worried that their inefficiencies will be exposed when they have more competition put on their doorstep,” Baker said at the end of the organization’s two-day meeting.

According to IATA, many governments have denied access to African competitors over fears of dominance, while give limited rights to non-African airlines.

Qatar will host the industry body’s next meeting.