Monday, June 17, 2013

Paris Has Arrived Before A Large Crowd Of Airplanes (Update)

The Arrival of Paris before a multitude of airplanes, airplane types and airplane hypes is on time. Boeing will dutifully plod through the week without much ado about something and slowly announce it way through the week following up with Randy Tinseth Journal etching out what is accomplished. An order here and there will make people wonder how this will play out when infact Paris and John Leahy are not the main show. The main show happened in the last six months, this is more of a cast party after a movie is released. The new announcements will cause beverage glasses to be raised and cheers, much like a Political convention in the US when it is announced, "The great State of Maine cast its delegate votes for candidate Smith or Jones".  The crowd cheers from the respective camps.

The Boeing camp has a strategic plan.  The Airbus Camp has a show to put on. The sandbagging of orders for Airbus will now come forth. The announcement of the The TEN will have its moment.  The X will wait for fall at the next venue at the show in Dubai.  So its going to be the TENS moment for Boeing and Airbus unloading six months worth of orders. However, Boeing flaunted both the Ten and the 777X before the show, so Airbus had to prepare two acts instead of one. They came out with the A320 orders, in the works for the last six months, of 150 units. The wide Body wars is a developing story.  Boeing has established a beachhead in France and will not let go.  The 777X is floating around the French coastline and has not been deployed yet into the battle.   A Qatar flanking movement is expected  Not much news on the Max yet, but it is well entrenched on the edges of Europe. In the Pacific theatre much is going on whether Paris arrived on time or not, the action is fierce and Boeing is working extra hard to out flank Europe again.  The A350 posses a formidable stopping point in airplane wars. However the TEN again keeps popping its head up in the wide body firefight.

General Ray Connors **** stars, has made his claim that the 777X can compete and will win in the wide body battle. The secret is in the "Wings", forget plastic when its all about wings, engines and things. That is Boeing's engineering battle cry going into Paris for the 777X. By fall the summer campaign will be in the books and the battle will have moved to the desert countries. The 777X will be the darling of the Ball at Dubai. Colonel Mike Sennett, has stopped the Battery complaints and marches forward through engineering restoring the crater left by those "bad" batteries on the airstrip. Okay Major General Tenseth** where are those Max orders. They are ready to roll, so its coming to Paris?  This isn't going to be won in one week in Paris, its going to be won with multiples of flanking actions, feigns, and performance. Almost there with the letter "F" but I digress with no alliteration.  Back to making sense out of the rumble in Paris. Just like a prize fight, round one was some jabbing and moving, then the bell.  Day Two should have some Jabs and false steps saving the best towards Thursday. That is when a better intent is disclosed how the last six months have been.

I am still predicting 150 Tens once the "Announcement", To Authorize (Declaration Of  The TEN's War), are found in the categories: Orders, Commitments, and Options (OCO).   Now I will call order book packages of OCO's.

787-10 Box OCO score=102

SIA=30 C's/Turns into orders once announced
GECAS=10 C's/Turns into orders once announced
ALC= 30
British Airways=12

Total= 102 or OCO's

Boeing debuts 787-10 with $30 billion of orders

"According to Reuters, the buyers are Air Lease with 30 planes, GE Capital Services with 10, British Airways with 12, Singapore Airlines with 30 and United Airlines with 20. United Airlines is expected to received its first 787-10 in 2018."

With plenty of suitors and no Launch customer officially announced as of today, the TEN is only 48 from my own sales objective to launch at 150.

Now I need to rest until tomorrow's observations, enjoy reading about the airshow and keep it in perspective. There is more going on behind the scenes, than flying overhead.