Saturday, March 16, 2013

777X Gets Its Engine

Tattoo of Fantasy Island Fame would let Ricardo  Montalbán, his boss know, of an arrival of "de plane, de plane."

Now the cry goes out once more "de engine, de engine" much to Rolls Royce's chagrin. This milestone means several important factors are assured on the 777X.  What goes on in Everett stays in Everett. Las Vegas is a place to fly to and Everett is a place to fly from using GE engines. The air will now clear for Paris. Here are my predictions in Paris.

The Swiss Army Knife Composite Wings On Display. Look for these signs in Paris.

Dolly Parton will announce the new set of GE-9X Cans at The Paris Airshow, then she is off to Cannes.

I think most of you are now getting the Paris Airshow picture at this point.

Boeing has to be ready for this splash, and will take no prisoners when wowing the attendees.  I'm guessing a wing or two will show-up flying in, inside a Dream-Lifter. Imagine that, a display for nothing but a wing next to the Swiss Army Knife display. It will actually actuate, up and down, and may be placed on a turn-table so it may articulate in circle between two other Boeing's near-by.  However I'm just Dreaming of what could be in the French Cheese Department at Paris. But I know Boeing is a much more refined bunch of Techno Nerds who talk in complete sentences at a boring pace. See Battery Seminar held in Japan in March or on the 14th-15th (dateline issue) for Techno types.

Here is a propitious Link

By Guy Norris, Aviation Week

I believe Boeing is rolling the 777X dice for the often repeated reasons.

·       Airbus is pretty much set on the A350 Design and configurations

  • Boeing is prepared to be a un-A350 like frame, with its designs, where it will entice the traveling public on-board hoping the public will think, "a second story is so Victorian on an Airplane". 
  • The hold-up has been waiting for technologies to settle-in for 777X.  Engines and wings signal a settlement has occurred and the night shift for CAD guys and gales have kicked into high gear. 
  • R&D is now doing a new wing, embolden by the 787 wing experience. 
  • Mike Carriker, Chief Test Pilot, Loves the Albatross wings that must fold while on land and sail relentlessly without effort. 
Battery solution will drive the magic show on the 777X inside. If a Battery solution is in place by the Paris Airshow, then people will see extra power-point shows on things "Airbus has not done with the A-350". It will be all about where the A-350 falls short and the 777 exceeds in a new form.  If the old 777 excels past the A-350-8, the new 777X may show that wasting another Euro, time, and effort chasing the Dreamliner and the 777X is will not benefit a European economic recovery.

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