Thursday, March 14, 2013

777X getting Its Wings Awaits Engine

The article leads one to speculate about Board approval to proceed with the 777X project through 2019.

Don't speculate just surmise!

The engine thing is really dependent on over-all concept plans. This is a Bigger is Better Boeing concept and Roll-out. Not unlike an Airbus photo campaign, which neglects the techno talk, and expounds on the virtues of largeness. Engines keep returning to the conversation like a little child reminding an adult about its needs for a candy bar.

Engines, are not at the top of the Board's authority for granting list of things to announce.

However, GE goes forward in a pursuit of something big when comes to engines, while Rolls pursues a conservative neutral stance like a defensive back in American Football awaits the play before it reacts. I surmise big engines will be attached to something very big and something very complex, but maintaining a straight approach on proven technologies from Boeing's Flight Bag of tricks. No ground breaking progress here, just enhanced 777X design from its vast parts bin. This is a smart approach and will make a great use of the 777 frame. Don't make something all-new, use something new to make it all better.

To surmise is like Sherlock Holmes; make observations and deduce logical conclusions. In conclusion, Boeing is going to build something big with its just released technologies from other Airplane programs on the 777X.