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Another Part...Of Boeing Comes Home and Other Bits and Pieces (((Updated)))

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Boeing brings home the Horizontal stabilizer for the 787-9.  Early on in the Boeing program the theme was to out and out have everyone else build the assembly parts of this highly complex aircraft.  Now that fifty 787's are on revenue flights what has changed with Boeing's "Delusions of Grandeur" and having psychotic episodes of risks are for suckers, and designs fall into "Do What I Say, Don't Do What I Do".  Now the  Horizontal stabilizer  for the dash 9 moves to Salt Lake City and back into Boeing's fold as another lost sheep returns home.

Outsourcing frames is not always such a good idea when you are a World Leading Aircraft Manufacturer. The contract goes to those who earn its chops such, as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Alenia Aeronautica could not cut it early on. 

The foreign foot print in Charleston was washed away in some regretful Boeing Storm years back.  Boeing has changed tack in the Americas Cup Race of airplane building.

The 787 Footprint gradually changes for the Horizontal Stabilizer

After examination of this chart, I came to the conclusion that Boeing may reel in a few sources that are under preforming partners as it surges forward with the -10 as well.  They are many prime examples of excellent partners in this venture.  It will always remain a World Aircraft.  

Boeing has to remain on top of those items, when it loses control,  even to the extent of bringing it home with a shorter leash. Like any major corporation it unloads under-performing divisions and builds new branches that will outperform the former divisions. 

This is an on-going process for any successful mega company, and true even down to the mom and pop affairs. As in, "Do we close that other restaurant across town and open up a new one next to interstate".  Boeing is now gleaning through the assets, like Mom and Pop did when it closes down one and builds another. Boeing has turned the corner on the 787 project.

Because it has to at this time, if wants to go through with a successful program.  The Captain says, "cut all boat anchors and full steam ahead". Boeing will continue to trim sails or throw out the spinnaker.  I am a more cautious sailor.  I don't like sailing close into the rocks and risk floundering. Boeing did that early on and came out with a few scrapped hulls. Fortunately nothing sank.  Like in the America's cup the Kiwi's came out with a superior hull and beat the Americans.  You don't hear much about that race anymore, since the down-under boys started beating everybody as well. America owned that race for decades.  Boeing is now getting back into its race. Now is time to move metaphorically on.

More Bits and Pieces:

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I want to leave you all with these cheery thoughts of happy landings while  going to and from Japan and San Jose.  I can't wait for San Diego happy landings and post the 80's song "Sailing Away".
My apologies to the City of San Diego and Lindbergh Field for not doing this earlier, I Lived in San Diego in the early 80's and this song was played all the time.  It is so appropriate for JAL's new service coming to San Diego at this time.  Sit back and enjoy the flight with this song. By Christopher Cross "Sailing Away"

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777X Wing Factory

Update: As Boeing builds plastic Wings at the Everett facility, near Paine field. Even though this is not part of the 787 project, it becomes a significant anchor for the 777X project for its composite wings as it will be made at the new 1.3 million sq ft center complex in Everett, which it just has broken ground this September 16, 2014. Below is the full detail for this update.

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Boeing Breaks Ground On 777X Wing Factory