Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All Battery Hands On Deck For The 787

It is not often you see corporations joining hands to save another brother in the Techno Wars.  That is what is happening to the Boeing 787 program as the players line up and form a bucket brigade to save the Boeing 787 much troubled electrical system.  The line starts with the:

  •  FAA  who is caught between the rock and hard spot of both oversight and approval of the battery system
  • Boeing who bought the farm with the Lithium-Ion Concept.
  • Multiples of supporting cast in the Epic Cecil B D Mille Moving Diorama (slide show) of The Plane That Should Of, Could Of, Would Of .
  • Now Telsa weighs in to the aid of Boeing with its offering of: 
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers Boeing help with Dreamliner battery issue
There is some speculation that Boeing bought a ginormous Red Herring at the Aviation Fish Market near Pike's Place market in Seattle, (bean Counters were walking the street near the market) when it acquired a basket load at McDonald Douglas stinking fish.

Under the Boeing Red Herring Fish Basket Called:

Boeing's troubles could be traced to McDonnell Douglas purchase

However or Whatever, that scenario remains to have some digestion before the day is out.
The claim here is that some bad bean counter in charge of engineering has caused a lot of gas over the Boeing programs. Stock-holders, bean counters and engineers should not be served together at a gathering when it tries for a revolutionary idea.  They should come up with a plea to the engineers to build something revolutionary and then back off to avoid any embarrassment, as that crowd does not mix well.  if you catch my drift.

"Aboulafia says, "After the merger, there was a real battle over the future of the company, between the engineers and the finance and sales guys." The nerds may have been running the show in Silicon Valley, but at Boeing they were increasingly marginalized by the bean counters." (from article link)

Bad Burrito in the break room.

So is the battery, that problem of cost savings mixing with unlimited thinking during a revolution?  If so,
then Allan Mullally should comeback from Ford and run the engineers, enabling bean counters more time at Pikes Place Market  for buying some more Red Herring at the market.

If that can't be done then someone must swallow a Poison Pill to get over the discomfort.

Enough of my accounting/finance class days and more on to the D Mille Epic movie chapter II:

"Entitled So Little Money Spent On So Much Battery":  More Movie credits are coming just waiting for tomorrows headlines.

Chapter 3: "So Much Money Spent On So Little Results"

This chapter is dedicated to those who could not make up their collective minds in the Boeing Beanery.

The joint U.S. and Japanese investigation into the Boeing 787's battery problems has moved from the battery-maker to the manufacturer of a monitoring system.
Transport ministry official Shigeru Takano says the probe into battery-maker GS Yuasa was over for now as no evidence was found it was the source of the problem.
Ministry officials said they are inspecting Kanto Aircraft Instrument Co. later in the day as part of the ongoing investigation.
It makes a system that monitors voltage, charging and temperature of the lithium-ion batteries.
All Boeing 787s are grounded after one of the jets made an emergency landing in Japan earlier this month when its main battery overheated.
Earlier a battery in another 787 caught fire while parked at Boston's Logan International Airport."
"A Very reliable Source Says This: "

Tokyo eased safety standards ahead of Boeing 787's fast-tracked rollout ( China Post)

"Its A Small World After All"

"TOKYO -- Japan's government stepped in to give Boeing Co.'s now-grounded 787 Dreamliner and its made-in-Japan technology a boost in 2008 by easing safety regulations, fast-tracking the rollout of the groundbreaking jet for Japan's biggest airlines, according to records and participants in the process.
The concessions by an advisory panel to Japan's transport ministry reflected pressure from All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) and a push to support Japanese firms that supply 35 percent of the 787 from the carbon-fiber in its wings to sophisticated electrical systems and batteries used to save fuel, people involved in the deliberations told Reuters."

This is a Smattering Simple Sample of today's news putting it to a Parodic Episode of The 787 Saga called Chapter 4: "Writers Have To Write"

Boeing Fans (I'm one)  Cheers