Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Paris Tuesday 6-16- 2016 (II)

Day Two brings on the good, the bad, and the ugly. The "Single Aisle Jamboree" was kicked off in fine fashion as the rumored 100 Max order dropped from the fickle order tree into Boeing's basket.

The Bad was sluggish sales pace of both airplane makers as they had been grooming this event into what now appears to be a world glut of backlog, which has drained the financial swamp losing any incentives of having super large orders. However, Bad Boy Boeing capped the event with one hundred 737 Max, I assume in the -7,-8,and -9 classes. (See Below Chart). I am guessing day one is for premium customers, day two is for Single Aisle and Day three is for wide-body show surprises.

Ugly: Aeroflot cancels 22 787, per Putin insatiable appetite for "leg of lame" shoved off the plate. Reason given. "The 787 no longer fits our growth plans". Russian translation, "Low oil prices in Russia are really hurting" having any airplane purchases, Plus Putin is angry!

Note options usually follows-on with the main purchase documents, on the same day ordered at shows. However, options can appear later on in negotiations after an initial purchase is made.

Data from Various news reports and All Things 787 summary.