Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MOM is coming, Winging It Weighs in Again

The Boeing 757 is a done deal in the production realm. No longer built but much loved. It is rapidly being replaced by the A-321 knock-offs for its own size and range similar to the 757, but does not have near the appeal the 757 had, even as Airbus brings its new A-321 forward. The design staff at Winging It was challenged with a "Boeing What Would We Do Project". Called "Middle of the Market" or affectionately referred, as just MOM.

Here goes once more Winging It's stab in the dark, since Boeing didn't react with the last 757 "W.I." replacement brainstorm. Build a mini dual aisle two class . Each Aisle similar single aisle width, expand the hull by an additional 48 inches across. Using similar 737-9 Max body length, and  rows spacing. Explore two different seat layouts. One with 2-3-2 throughout while planting 231 seats, and the other with 2-2-2 Premium Class with 4 rows of 24 pleasurable seats, and then going into economy at 2-3-2 for 28 rows, planting 196 seats, totaling the MOM at 222 seats.

This concept lives up to its acronym with middle of market dynamics. Mid-body width between single and duo wide-body aisle widths. Ample room for going + 5,000 miles or ten hours duration. Premium seats have a 36 inch pitch and 22 inch width. Economy 31 inch pitch 18 inch seat width. Mid Market engine power either with CFM or GE exclusive engines. 787 avionics and plastic wings made in Everett. The 1,000 airplane predicted stream will make this tween-er exciting and preferable over some single aisles routes, no matter the manufacturer. Its Boeing's opportunity for transitioning from single aisle to dual aisle segment. The MOM will please the family as well as business. Trans Continental and some Trans Oceanic may appeal to the Likes of Ryan Air. Its not a niche airplane at-all but a market complement for ordering suites of aircraft from one manufacturer.