Friday, June 12, 2015

After All Its An Air Show and Boeing Aims to Show

The stunning practice video of Vietnam's Airlines 787-9 has swept up the internet before the "Show" in Paris even started. The attempted showmanship of Qatar's five A-350 fly-over is already upstaged with the Vietnam Airline 787-9 Moses Lake practice run. Doing a wide-body tail stand off the runway, before even reaching the halfway point down its total runway length is even used. See at what Point the 787 stands up, and notice how much runway remains as it goes vertical in the video. The remarkable talking points have over-whelmed the aviation world with this Youtube segment made available by Boeing (See below-last frame). Qatar's fly-by five will only seem less interesting in Paris as the crowd now expects the Vietnam Airlines to stand on its tail once more before the whole of the Paris Show.

Image result for 787-9 vertical take-off

Frank Sinatra Is On Board As Chairman Singing Fly-Me -To-The-Moon.

Famous 787-9 Video with Vietnam Airlines Future Equipment
Notice where runway ends and 787-9 Takes-off near halfway point and climbs