Thursday, March 12, 2015

Semantics of "The 787 Class"

A twin engine wide body is the Class Identifiers. The members of that class go from 787-777 Boeing types and A330-A350 Airbus types. What difference does this make? Hillary Clinton banked on that term out of context. However, airplane class is more defined and an important verbiage in airplane wars. Since Airbus has delivered its first two A350-900 the verbiage has changed abruptly using the "In Its Class", qualifier since Airbus first A350 delivery.

So says Etihad and a plethora of others since the Airbus A350 delivered-(linked):

Etihad Brings Its Fancy Dreamliner to Washington, D.C. for Open Skies Battle

Skift article quote:

“As the most technologically advanced aircraft in its class, the Boeing 787 will reduce the operating costs and carbon emissions on our Washington, D.C. route and provide maximum efficiency and reliability,” says James Hogan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways."

The game has changed since the Airbus A350 Delivery going to Qatar. The change is with those key words mentioning the Boeing 787 as "the most technologically advanced airplane in its class". Even the A350 can't claim that unless it wants a law suite in the world court system making an attempt denying Boeing has a more advanced product. The Boeing goading has started through its customers, like Etihad. They do have a remarkable 787-9, and are proud of it as they should be. Those little semantics phrases pop-up during press releases and will continue to do so from here to eternity.

What's so remarkable about the 787 are several factors Airbus could not match.

  • Wing Technology from the 787 is most advanced and better than what Airbus could offer.

  • Boeing's Engine duopoly with GE and Rolls Royce where Airbus is a one hit wonder with just Rolls.

  • Core technology throughout the 787 architecture, Where ErrorBus failed to duplicate.
  • I can't remember if Airbus touts its cabin pressure at 6,000 feet? Boeing Does! However, Airbus does eventually mention 6,000 feet cabin pressure but does not tout its existence as Boeing has accomplished. Bleed Air systems promotes more kerosene fumes in cabin air, that's a fact Jack. 

  • Boeing's direct electrical power to all systems and no bleed air by-pass or hydraulic systems, Errorbus is the older power robbing bleed-air-bypass with all those contaminants pumped into the cabin area by leakage even with extensive filtering that it requires.
These are just a few of the most advanced items on a lengthy checklist of the most advanced application not found on the Airbus Class Twin Engine Wide Body. They pulled off-the-shelf its many tricks and advances in the Airbus technology bin. However, they did not go beyond with anything new like Boeing accomplished, Remember Boeing built a plastic airplane before Airbus so they can't claim the most advanced Plastic body. Airbus was left with the size element once more, going an inch here and an inch there and making bank with the distance of a pinky finger.

The Etihad 787-9 is a marvel in beauty and technology. It is the consummate or proverbial masterpiece going to D.C. It is a proud aircraft worth the price of admission. Every molecule of technology goes towards efficiency, passenger comforts and airline operations. It is the most advanced airline in its class.