Thursday, March 19, 2015

Not So Fast My Friends The Board Wants Time To Consider Ryanair Expansion

Counter Point

It's a direct acknowledgement for Norwegian Air's loss during its expansion period, the board of Ryanair has backed off it's own CEO O'Leary's enthusiasm with a "Not So Fast" curve ball on any delusions of grandeur during wide body talks. Oh I know they said on Monday the words "Transatlantic", and "wide body assessment" in the same sentence. It matched O'Leary's assault forward banter on all engines of aviation. However, another meeting and another twenty cigars later Ryanair had not aligned its stars and planets or for that matter. Even the moon is out of phase with the board's sentiment. O'leary said it like a CEO, "they F***-*p.

What is actually in play, is all of the above during this executive storming period. It's a good thing too, a good storming session leads to norming and later great teamwork for all players in the meeting. Ryanair has five years for the Transatlantic gambit. It has another year of order pondering at its own pacing for the expense of it all. It already has the 170 Max spigot turned on for the flight line. Ryanair just took the ice bucket challenge and dumped the whole thing on its head. Even O'Leary is enjoying his run as CEO just the same. If he is to gain more clarity on the expansion concept he needs to get his ducks all in a row for the board to light its cigars again.

  • First, the Norwegian Air business model must play it out with its wide bodies.
  • 2nd, get those Max's flowing to Ireland.
  • 3rd Generate increased revenue and increased profits (A board preference)
  • 4th  Find a viable sweet spot for ordering when all these other items are on track.
  • Finally, Boeing make us an offer we can't refuse.
The "not so fast pitch" won out in the board room. O'Leary is the right leader at the right time, but the board is  keeping the corporate head honcho watching for the "whites of their eyes". It is more important than charging the smoke and flash and incoming competition. Ryanair wants to counter punch the market after the market shifting is complete. In five years it will have a proven track record of its strategy. They will have more purchase power in two years for a wide body booking. Boeing will have a smaller backlog squeezing against its own sales team. In 2018 let's turn O'Leary loose and attack the Transatlantic market. Hear Hear, its a grand green day!