Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey Boeing Do A 737-757 or 757-737 (Flash Update)

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UPDATE 1-Boeing says not studying reviving 757 with new engines

So the single aisle 757 is not on the docket. However a two aisle Goldenliner remains a consideration in the slot of the 757.

Original Article
Boeing needs to audible the "Gap". It is the Single-Aisle to Double Aisle Gap. They have an off-the-shelve concept in the 737-900 or "the in the bag 757", people mover. It should be called the 737-757 "GL", standing for a bridge going very far. A "Ranger", or something more sophisticated sounding like the "Goldenliner"AKA GL. It will link continental drift with a 5,000 mile range. The gauntlet has been thrown down. with the A321. Boeing could probably wait until Airbus orders are locked-in for the A321, but they won't. Boeing can move rather quickly with a 220 seat twin aisle, borrowing motif from the 787 and the metal from the 737. Maybe stick on the newly engineered carbon plastic wings hanging the latest generation engines, utilizing a cross-over theme from the 777X playbook. Its not a 787 or a 737 but it is the best of Boeing, taking from every invested idea it has made since 2005. It's everything new, since about the time they stopped making the 757.

Note this concept will not be a too lengthy 737-900 or a too stubby 787-800 it will be the Goldilocks of aircraft, that is just right, filling a gap Airbus has gone after. Slightly wider than the 737 and slightly narrower than the 787 where it will do 7 across in style with 2-3-2. with 31 rows or 217 MAX seats. Don't think Boeing has not gone here before, because it has, and it has a carefully measured its idea of how to get there quickly after the Max delivers in all its sizes. The Goldenliner is in the special spot where Boeing has built, tested and pondered ever since retiring production of the 757. Boeing only has so much resources dedicated to new technology and building new designs. Out of the Max,  out of the 777X  and foremost out of the venerable 787 ,comes the Goldenliner. The true gap filler. It will not be a family member for either the 737 or 787 but will sit in its own class leaving the designs of customers to come out and play. Ryan Air will have the 737-200C, along with the other market tampering airline competitors. This airplane has a dedicated niche from shuttle to transcontinental ranges. It will take people on Junkets far enough away without breaking the bank going for it.

The Max is about 118 inches wide (9'8")
The 787-8 is 215 inches wide (17'11")
757 is  139 inches wide or (11'7")
Goldenliner 757X- could be about 179" wide or about (14'.11") (two aisles) or less with one aisle.
Goldenliner 737-757 single aisle  would retain the old 11'7" dimension or 139 inches.

179" across
18" wide seats X  7 each = 126"  and two 26.5" aisles equaling 179"

This of course would require some engineering pencil erasers, as more configuration sketching is needed.

However the 757-737 Goldenliner would fall right between the 787 and 737 and not be too long or too short and its not too narrow, while not going wide. It would be the Goldilocks Goldenliner. Just done right.