Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Boeing Play Book, Turn The Page Please (Completed)

Back in the heady days of the 787 project I dreamed of an airplane built in just one week. That day was July 7, 2007. It was the 787-8 first roll out before adoring plant workers. It reminded me of the movie “Gung Ho”, with Michael Keaton. The last batch of cars were pushed out in order to meet the quota dictated by the Japanese owners, where they found a truly American manufacturing Culture.

Before the 787 on 7/7/07 came "Gung Ho":

Boeing has  turned the page and makes a great airplane: 

The onslaught is about to come not with the 787 but with the 747. It's a last ditch effort jump starting the 747 rebirth. Emirates is in the discussion, albeit by the third party channel, and through the head of the airplane state, and not Clark.  The Boeing bid, if they get one, will have a significant PIP installment. It's a not only engine improvement, but they must find a way towards 500 seats without sacrificing overall performance. The seats must fit the Emirates sensibility factors. If Boeing can improve the 747 by an additional 500 miles, and going up to 500 seat capacity it "may" trip Emirates sensibility of going long with the 747-8i "E" class. Of course "E" for Emirates becomes the prominent motif on the 747-8i tail insignia. Part of the "E" class designations comes the Boeing options with its 747-8i. It would be thrown in a special package with every 747-8i ordered by Emirates. A one for one order bonus. For every 747-8i ordered, Emirates receives a discounted price for one 787-9 or a 787-10 for up to a hundred, plus 100 more options on all three models at the same generous price discounts.

Airbus has dared Boeing to do it, Emirates is listening through the knot hole and scheming its pleasures out. The Airbus dare comes from not reacting to Tim Clark on a A380 NEO request. Tim, who is not for want of patience, exercises his patience, and turns over consultation on the matter with his bosses. Yes, Tim has a Boss. His Boss does not clasp the hand of Corporate America until money is exchanged and talks to its silent third party who can purvey the Boeing deed under certain conditions. Boeing wouldn't be trying unless they could sensibly meet Emirates benchmarks. Emirates would like nothing better than Airbus threatened or a desperate Boeing making a competitive package. Of course the third party is Michael Keaton in this movie "Gung Ho".

What will happened is an unfortunate undetermined condition. Therefore a blogger steps up and makes a ridiculous Walter Mitty presumption on the whole matter. This is for the readers of happy endings. Boeing will NEO ,its NEO 747-8i, on paper. Done! Emirates third party makes a paper "appeal" on a competitive cheaper and faster to fleet status that Airbus can possibly achieve within three model types. The proposal is handed down to Tim Clark with a make-it-so recommendation from his Boss, "but" the make-it-so caveat  has conditions to be met before any order is placed! Boeing must guarantee the following list of concerns... and so forth. Michael Keaton has his work cut out.