Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Whoa! Slow Down Buckoo, Give It to Me In Bullet Points

Aspire Aviation summary talking points on the wide body market.
  • Boeing stretches 777-9X fuselage from 76.5m to 76.7m: exclusive
  • Airlines, most likely Emirates, asking for more seats on 777X: sources
  • Boeing to announce more seats on 777-9X in Q2 2015: sources
  • 777X de-icing can only take place at Code F stands with FWT down
  • 787-9 OEW 277,000lbs is 11,000lbs lighter than A330-900neo’s 288,000lbs
  • 787-8 OEW 260,000lbs versus A330-800neo’s 280,000lbs
  • 787-8 is 9% more fuel efficient per seat than -800neo on 6,000nm missions
  • Using 253t 787-9 in A330neo comparison pushes up -9’s landing & overflight fee, DMC
  • 787-9 carries 13 tonnes more revenue cargo than A330-900neo
  • A330neo Mach 0.81 means 25 mins longer flying time on 6,000nm missions
  • Virgin Atlantic 787-9 has 9-abreast economy seats at 18.9-inch width
  • Boeing sees A330neo 9-10% more fuel efficient than A330: sources
  • 777-300ER carries 23t of cargo, A380 only 8t: Emirates

***Warning-reprint from December 15***
Once you have read this article then you will know Airbus has been had in its Knight errant quest on wide bodies. The sourced article lays it out for all those of at Toulouse, France. I suspect Boeing has developed a wry smile just like Randy Tinseth in Marketing. Airbus Bravado has been undressed by Aspire Aviation. It's homework time again for me, as I study the Aspire report a second time and take notes.