Monday, December 8, 2014

The Most Sultry Woman In The World Is A 787-9

Etihad had its first airplane flown in test today. What's so stunning is not that its a 787 but a sultry beauty is unleashed. Sometime the subdued is more beautiful than the gregarious and ostentatious scheme. The Etihad paint scheme reflects the beauty of the desert. Something that achieves a relevant place in your heart as you look at the lines. Its how you wear the clothing that captures the heart. The Etihad 787 most import flight was not how she worked taking-off, but more importantly how she looked doing it. Simply elegant!

Etihad 787 FF-2 JDLMultimedia

Photo Credit Airways News

After looking at this first test flight photo of the 787-9 and trying out my observational critque, I grew to love the subtile paint scheme. It spoke of hot desert nights with a cool light reflecting on its body. Simply sultry and captivating. No flash, but a soft glow of what Etihad tries to emulate with its company colors.

Etihad 787 FF-3 JDLMultimedia
Photo Credit Airways News

How does the its 787-9 look in the rain's high gloss? It's simple to see it's the "Best of the Paine Field Show" , is Etihad's paint scheme.