Saturday, December 13, 2014


Seats are what you pay for on your airline ticket. Seats are what makes your journey special. A Seat is not a “single engine air tanker”, it’s your room as your travel the world. Two items make up your seat that directly relate to your ticket price. Seat Weight and cubic meters needed in your rented space. A luxury seat may cost 200.000 dollars and weigh a quarter ton in accessories. It may take up the space what three people have in economy. Or it may be in economy demanding several items:

·       Accessibility
·       Personal Space
·       Comfort
·       Command and Control options during travel.

Before we go gonzo on luxury seats, it is more productive discussing what 80% of the traveler will encounter in economy. Beginning with accessibility is the primary frontal lobe experience you will have boarding and the last thing you remember when leaving the aircraft. Many airline have a cattle call when loading passengers then the frenzy builds as everyone rushes the line as if somehow if in line first will make a journey better. Sometimes it does improve the experience by getting in line first.

However, Airline loading will help the passenger’s first impression last in a good way, if they do a couple of things. First drop the row call out and go into a vertical mode and alphabet soup it. In a nine across seat alignment. Call window and aisle center seats by letter. First all tickets with seat letters having “A, E, and I” are ready to board. The windows and center seats fill first no matter the row. Follow with letters “B, and H” second and all aisle seats last. Or at least color the tickets with its seat according to color code. Example rows 33-44 color code green board now and so forth. This would stop the passenger climbing over your face as you try to drop down your tray or look at an airline magazine.

Save first class for last, since they pay good money not to have economy class parade by them in one gigantic stream. In fact put them in a separate terminal lounge seat with the same seat number in waiting with valet service, since they will load last just the same, it will make the whole process more efficient and reduce the jungle warfare on seating passengers. Since it’s the bane of starting a journey having people walk over you to get to its seat make it civil and convenient. The Airline will achieve a great impression, (SWA).

Personal space can be achieved through the new slim line seats. More is created out of less. It protects the passenger experience giving them a place of functionality for long trips. All your travel interaction is protect by the seat. The person front or behind can’t harass your experience. The lateral incursion of your seat mates are cut-off in a flanking structure giving you privacy you may desire or it can open up as all inclusive when sitting with loved ones.

Ah, comfort is what it is all about. Pitch comes to play, space is gained in the seat in front of you as can accept your feet under the seat in front of you. Also the seat in front has enough room to store something else under its seat. It becomes a sense of personal space and flexibility for accessing the devices or taking a long nap.

The mid-flight embarrassment is encountered when at some point you need to “go” and you have two more seat mates to get over. Everyone watches out of boredom and how you will handle the feat, because they have to go too. Once again the seat must come to the rescue of passengers who have to “go”. The window or center seat passengers should be able to toggle a button for exit which informs the passengers in the way, by vibration, someone needs to exit. They in-turn can slide its slime line seat back and upward within the frame, creating space for a passenger to exit without imposing on the back or front of passengers space. A semi standing room maker seat without having passengers get out and standing in the aisle, it makes room for the stressed passenger. It could be even power driven seat, making it effortless to do the deed. You barely need to wake up to make it happen. I may be crazy for this kind of concept but I still got to go sometime.

The command and control method is a civil way to travel.