Monday, December 15, 2014

Aspire Aviation's Talking Points (Research Article)

Boeing stretches 777-9X fuselage from 76.5m to 76.7m: exclusive
Airlines, most likely Emirates, asking for more seats on 777X: sources
Boeing to announce more seats on 777-9X in Q2 2015: sources
777X de-icing can only take place at Code F stands with FWT down
787-9 OEW 277,000lbs is 11,000lbs lighter than A330-900neo’s 288,000lbs
787-8 OEW 260,000lbs versus A330-800neo’s 280,000lbs
787-8 is 9% more fuel efficient per seat than -800neo on 6,000nm missions
Using 253t 787-9 in A330neo comparison pushes up -9’s landing & overflight fee, DMC
787-9 carries 13 tonnes more revenue cargo than A330-900neo
A330neo Mach 0.81 means 25 mins longer flying time on 6,000nm missions
Virgin Atlantic 787-9 has 9-abreast economy seats at 18.9-inch width
Boeing sees A330neo 9-10% more fuel efficient than A330: sources
777-300ER carries 23t of cargo, A380 only 8t: Emirates