Thursday, December 4, 2014

Almost Missed This: Ryan Air Books 100 737 200C's with Boeing

Asleep at the order switch was I, as Ryan Air and Boeing booked the deal on November 28th which was announced as an intent, a little while back (September 2014), saying they would sign when enough cash is printed. What lies beneath this order was not mentioned in the below link, as this is a new class 737 holding 197 seats for Ryan Air. It has an additional door, less kitchen amenities but keeps the Max efficiencies. This aircraft is designed as a Ryan Air passenger work horse. 100 options on this order were added per further news reporting.

Rendering of Boeing 737 MAX 200 in Ryanair livery
File Photo Rendering for 737-200c

Air Transport World Link and clip below:

"Boeing capped the month with the Nov. 28 finalization of Ryanair’s order for 100 737 MAX200s (valued at $11 billion at current list prices). Bookings logged earlier in the month included 80 737 MAX 8s for SMBC Aviation Capital (valued at over $8.5 billion at current list prices); six 737 MAXs (variant undetermined) to an unidentified customer; four 737-700s (valued at $313.2 million at current prices) to an unidentified customer; 30 737 MAXs (variant undetermined) to a third unidentified customer; and a 787-9 Dreamliner (valued at $257.1 million at current list prices) to Virgin Atlantic."

Boeing, Ryanair finalize order for 100 737 MAX 200s
Rendering of Boeing 737-200 C

However, 737-200C options are mentioned on this link below:

Options are reported in Link:

From, Aero Space Manufacturing and Design:

"Dublin, Ireland –Boeing and Ryanair have finalized an order for 100 737 MAX 200s, valued at $11 billion at current list prices. The order, originally announced as a commitment in September, includes options for 100 additional 737 MAX 200 airplanes, and makes the Irish low-cost carrier the launch customer for the newest member of the 737 MAX family of airplanes."

Other airlines are measuring Ryan Air's metrics on this configuration, and I believe competitors will follow suit for its higher density single aisle routes. I would expect conversions from prior orders over to the 737-200C Max and addtional new orders for this configuration.