Monday, November 10, 2014

Boeing's Vest Pocket Produces 80 More 737 Max Orders

It was mentioned before, that Randy has many orders in his vest pocket hiding from the the press. Today was that day where 80 737 Max where finalized from SMBC. It doesn't even include Ryan Air's Pocket Order for 200 737 Max-200C.

Boeing, SMBC Aviation Capital announce order for 80 737 MAXs

737 Playing card for SMBC

  • 80 Max 8's
  • 50th Max Customer
  • 8.5 Billion  US $dollars Ordered from SMBC 
The total Customer's Max Orders from Boeing is over 2,400 

The Big Deal Quote from SMBC

""It is 10 years since our business placed its first order with Boeing and we have enjoyed a decade of successful partnership since then," said Peter Barrett, CEO, SMBC Aviation Capital. "The 737 MAX 8 is one of the most fuel efficient and versatile aircraft available and today's announcement shows our ongoing commitment to the new generation of the popular 737 family, as well as our appetite to keep broadening and deepening our platform in order to service our customers' requirements. Following this order and given the clear commitment of our shareholders and the strength of the global aircraft leasing sector, we remain very confident in our ability to continue to deliver long-term growth."

Boeing 2014, net order book for the 737 stands at 755. It should go beyond a thousand by year's end. It currently has 1056 airplanes in total on order during 2014. These of course, are for all Boeing types ordered. The final tally will include a end of year push from pocket orders turning into validated Sales transactions. Those final transactions may include over 300 airplane added to the 1056 number bringing the year end number for Boeing, reaching 1,350 added in 2014, pushing the back- log well beyond the 5,000 number that it currently holds. The 80 Max announced today are not yet part of these numbers, nor is Ryan Air's 200 units Pocket order numbers.There are about a half dozen carriers having commitments not yet finaliaze, and Boeing could have that by year's end.