Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Cement has Set On The 787-8

In construction it takes more than  24 hrs to set the cement. Sometimes it takes much longer depending on cement formula and weather. Until its completely set its called green cement. The Boeing 787-8 has been in the green state since 2011. The year 2014 is the green test period where it will determine if all systems are set in concrete. A list of problems, issues and mishaps would bore most to list the items. However the following points are set from this point forward and are no longer considered green cement. They are Boeing 787-8 Cemented List

  • Battery System
  • Brakes Systems
  • Software Configurations
  • Production Techniques Cemented
  • Electric, electronics, and electricity is in a solid state
  • Engines and so forth
The Boeing 787-8 is free to produce at a top rate. Now the 787-9 is going forward with a few greened areas waiting for curing. Laminar flow is one such green aberration. It has not been announced how its affecting the efficiency of the airplane in straight numbers, as compared with the 787-8. I am excited to find out what difference does it make. The 787-8 is not waiting to find out, since its casting is removed and stands alone as the feature bird, the world is now experiencing. Those early glitches cost Boeing dearly paid for in both cash and reputation, as it tries to retire 23 Billion on the Stock-Holder Tab and customers feel more comfortable moving forward. The raves keep coming through on how it has changed airline bottom lines every time it launches with a payload. Only if Boeing could share that excitement towards its own bottom lime, but that is coming, only if Boeing keeps executing the plan. They are great at the rinse and repeat cycle of airplane building once the the cement is set and no longer green.

Boeing has a five year plan and a 10 year forecast. Each year that 5 year plan is updated by adding the next year on and dropping last year goals from the plan. The front office is good doing that. Its the on the fly adjustments used for any project keeping the plan intact. That is where unplanned cash needs are discovered. The 787-9 has had a practically flawless test series that is closing this month where the 787-9 will be made ready for Air New Zealand in June. It is more of a testament from the 787-8 program and its greening to cement process that the 787-9 owes its success. The 787-9 test program is a reflection of everything accomplished on the 787-8 project. Dittos for the 787-10. Everybody will want to save a place in line soon as this family is about to rock the world with a standing ovation performance. Everything Boeing eagerly spoke about in 2007 on the 787-8 is coming true in the 787-9.

  • How quickly they would build it
  • How advanced it is compared to any other.
  • How great it is!
  • and once again so forth
That was 2007 and now its 2014, and it has come true, only with the 787-9, because of the 787-8 journey. The 787-8 is that wonderful step-child no one will talk about once the 787-9 is delivered. The 787-8 will use the back door and the 787-9 will use the font door.  Life isn't fair but it can be wonderful no matter the 787 you ride on.