Monday, May 5, 2014

Captain Ron's Flight Lines

Its Cinco de Mayo today so I am left with the task of making "flight lines", you may know them as LiftnDrag sarcasm about what's out there today. I remember on the Movie "Captain Ron" played by Kurt Russell, he said to the wayward family on vacation when picking up a sailing sloop. "If its going to happen, its going to happen out there."  Okay Captain Ron its really happening out there.

Flight Lines:
  • Breaking news the A380 has a one bedroom suite for mile high miles.
  • More breaking news the A380 has a shower in that suit.
  • Another breaking feature, Can you lend a guy $20,000 US for a ride?
  • I am tired of hearing about the A380 "lost leader" suite.
  • Qatar wants another terminal since it is about to receive 80 A350's
  • Did you know the A380 filled its dead space with bed space?

These come from the news searching on Google using  "Boeing 787" search word for a google news search, whaaaat! I search using  787 Boeing  search words in the news search and got this Cinco de Mayo Tom Foolery during the last two days. Boeing is not in the news at the start of the week, but Etihad is with its first bedroom suite on all news outlets around the world.

Mean while back at the Boeing farm, a pivot point has occurred in the works. Boeing is on track for a very big year. It has its arms full with the 777X program. The 737 Max program, which began ahead of the 777X program the pair have already approximately garnered a 2,200 order back log of paper aircraft. If you throw in the DreamLiners, then Boeing is over the 3,000 mark in the back log department with just its new offerings.

Don't forget that old 767 lives another life as a KC-46. They are working on a fifth copy at this time while completing the first assembly of the structure. Consider all the systems works, fueling appliances it must now install, and you will appreciate they still have a ways to go before actual flight testing.

(Blog Selfie in words) "Don't be distracted by one Bedroom suites on the A380." Remember Captain Ron keynote advise. "If its going to happen, Its going to happen out there."  Even though being lost is not a critical issue, or staying afloat in this blog is that important or just plain adrift, keep looking out with Captain's Ron's wooden eye.

Watch what's not reported, not too apparent, or is just on the factory floor, then you will have a better sense of what's happening out there. Watch Captain Ron moves on the movie for your training film, and you will gain the LiftnDrag swagger and composition. The A380 suite on the Etihad is just for getting Frequent-Flyer Mile-High-Miles, with $20 grand as pillow stuffing.