Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boeing,s, "Its Not On The Book's" But It Realy matters That its on the Media Board

This is a brief-(briefing) of what is happening out there when you look at the Boeing web site of "Orders and Deliveries" and you may miss something because it isn't there in plain view. The unidentified classification on the Boeing Website is populated with a plentiful bunch of 737's. I can only guess at the batch of unidentified 737 orders on the Boeing chart. Those orders are supposedly secret at the customer's discretion, but the press jumps a story occasionally and post a sales one day and the next day Boeing adds another 50 or so 737's to the book. Bloggers and Aerophytes become a guessing lot of writers on what's going on. Here is the latest Headline from China that  may end up on site as Unidentified.

Not Listed at this time.

New carrier to buy 50 B737 planes for US$3.8b   Link

CHINA’S newly established budget carrier Jiuyuan Airlines has placed an order for 50 Boeing 737 jets, Boeing said yesterday.
The order could be worth more than US$3.8 billion based on list prices and includes some of Boeing’s next-generation 737 jets, according to a statement posted on Boeing’s website.
With a registered capital of 600 million yuan (US$96.3 million), Jiuyuan Airlines is based at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

UnIdentified on Boeing' s Purchases

Airline to buy 50 jets
Xinhua-Global Times | 2014-4-22 0:13:02
By Xinhua - Global Times

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China's Shandong Airlines signed a contract on Monday with the US-based Boeing Company to buy 50 Boeing 737 passenger airplanes.

The airliners, including Boeing's 737 NG and 737 MAX models, will be delivered to Shandong Airlines from 2016 to 2020, said Ma Chongxian, chairman of the company, which is based in Ji'nan, capital of East China's Shandong Province.

Shandong Airlines aims to increase its fleet to over 140 at the end of 2020, which will be a surge of almost 100 percent, Ma said.

Shandong Airlines already operates 74 passenger aircraft, including 67 Boeing 737 airplanes.

Xinhua - Global Times

Not Booked and Identified At This Time.

777X not booked, not unidendified but a real deal with ANA

All Nippon Airways, a Boeing stalwart for many years, on 27 March placed a series of tentative commitments that will have disappointed and pleased Airbus in almost equal measure.
The heart of the fleet replacement programme is a deal – still to be firmed up – for six current-generation 777-300ERs and 20 Boeing 777-9Xs, with the latter to replace the 19 existing 777-300ERs in its fleet. It will also take 14 additional 787-9s, bringing its total Dreamliner fleet to 80.

However, orders for the 777X series were already outstripping those for the A350-1000. Airbus order data to the end of February lists 189 commitments for the -1000, while – assuming the ANA deal is firmed – Boeing has already garnered 300 orders for the revamped 777.
To an extent, the A350-1000 does not compete directly with the 777-9X, ceding around 30 seats and 200nm (370km) of range to its rival, but Airbus will nonetheless have pitched it to ANA. Save for theA380, it could offer nothing else."

Conclusion: With mysterious record keeping per Customer Request as it relates its own fanancial situation there is a steady building of its Off the Books of Likely Orders (OTBLO). I have missed some  OTBLO's, for the purpose  of demonstrating Boeing's shadow books in play without going deep into data. By years end, many of these OTBLO will miraculesly appear in December of 2014 on Boeing's website.
Currently there are:

100 737's unaccounted for per Boeing order report
20 777-9 not listed
14   ANA 787-9 in the works.

A total of 134 shadow orders for this brief report.