Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Renton Washington's 737, The Antithesis Of Charleston's 787.

The 737 is going to 42 NG a Month. All sizes, shapes and colors. Boeing plans to eventually go Long with over 50 a month as it extends its plant floor space for the MAX. The How's, Why and What is going on there, the 737 is wrapped up into a mad cadence of two-a -day, with football like training. The secret is in a production plan as it`s executed in a special cadence. Take the micro scope down to one worker on the production floor. That worker has a job to do and it hasn't changed much over the plants quantum change. This worker still has its work orders, tools and methods intact. No hurry or a frenetic pace is present. Panic does not exist or does running to and fro. What has change is an efficient way of sequencing workload through those same work stations. The theory is that skilled people would not have to relearn new jobs but only continue with less production barricades from the older process. The work floor studied what were awkward impediments, and removed them from the process. It also implemented seamless ways for work flows. Just-in-time artistry came from a lengthy learning curve.

The work flow in tributaries come to the main channel found near the exit door for the 737 NG. Going from 34 a month to 42 a month without a depreciation of work quality or an individual workload increase per person, is the secret. Workers on the floor does it without  panic or a helter-skelter herculaneum effort, but with the same calm demeanor they did several years back. Only at the convergence of the collective effort does that energy result in an 737. To the worker, work may be more comfortable and efficient. Boeing is spending money on plant utilization of square footage. It is removing old school layouts and improving the distances taken for ingress and egress. Boeing has taken into account the addition of the Max line and planned out how that will incorporate without any disruption to the NG line. Once the NG new orders exhaust, Boeing will simply increase production using the NG space in dual with the Max production. Integration of work teams with keeping the workforce experts intact on the same square footage of plant space. If an NG comes down the line instead of the Max it will be treated with an "NG expertise workforce", and the Max is like wise when its new frame arrives. Production computers will keep the parts assigned to aircraft type will only go into the prescribed work station. The worker, professionally and calmly continues with their craft. A steady progress is the theme. "Do it right or don't do it." The right people in the right place for the right job is calmly executed. Just like a part arriving at the right point in the process so does the right person show up to handle it. The symphony continues without confusion, panic  or trouble. The 737 facility has been doing this for a long time.

Its not the technology that has flummoxed Charleston, SC., because of all that "new technology", it is the method of marshaling the work force in a centered effort matching its workforce maturity. Progressions should only move when every thing is correct. You can move a plant thousands of miles away, but you forgot to move your best people with it. If you do move your best people, then you leave the former post in disarray. That is Boeing's conundrum. Plant expansion is done by bull-dozers. Plant performance is that special formulation of its people. Example: How can an NFL team go from the Super Bowl Champs one year to mediocre the next. Only a few players retire, and a few coaches take on another gig and a couple more players get paid more going with another team. The sum of personnel has been tampered with significantly and becomes mediocrity waiting for the next great revival of team chemistry. The Team chemistry in South Carolina is seeking that "it" moment. They lack that "it". Renton has that "it" and they know how to keep "it" going. Don't fix the "it" fix the problem. Renton has identified what it needs to do and is marching forward without tampering with the "it". Boeing management must take those lessons from the North West, capture it in a bottle and let it go in Charleston. Sounds simple, but its not. A similar effects on why a prize pumpkin grows so big in one spot and in another spot its just an ordinary pumpkin.  The sum of "its" environment of that gigantic pumpkin is the secret. When Charleston or any other place achieves that environment found in the North West then it will grow giant pumpkins too!

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