Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bombardier,787 -9's, Lufthansa: Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sound of Music had its mojo moments in the Alps with the singing of Julie Andrews. Opening this blog up with that bench mark song "A few of My Favorite Things"

If you haven't figured out by now I like cheese served with this blog. With Alps in the background and German routes at stake you can't wonder at the Lufthansa business intent. If Boeing solves the 787-8's "teething problems" , then its solved the -9 and -10's teething problems. If Airbus has not delivered the A-350 yet what "teething problems awaits it customers already on the Airbus order book? The only Boeing Jet in question is the 777-X program. That answer comes later this fall at the Arab Airplane summit/Air Show. Lufthansa is about to make heads turn either way, with Boeing and Airbus on the 18th.

On Tuesday, the 17th, the 787-9 takes flight with all the teething problems gifted to the -8. It will fly when everything is ready, including the weather. Tuesday is the optimal date for program readiness, but we'll see  if everything cooperates for first flight.

Finally, a mention for Bombardier, I like its ATV,rode 'em wild and have flown on its regional jets without mishap. The C series is on for Monday  not to upstage Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope all goes well for the C-series. Bombardier is North America's answer to Brazilian Aviation interest.