Friday, September 6, 2013

Boeing Has The China Syndrome II Covered

Many years ago a book and a movie by the same title entered the seen, The China Syndrome. So on this commemorative day, referring to Jane Fonda's epic movie part, I acknowledge the nuclear melt down to China never happened its fiction from the days of quipping that I'm digging a hole all the way to China meets movie goers seeing a nuclear calamity melting clear to China. The second movie in the making is on scene with its director and VP of Marketing for Boeing, Randy Tenseth.

The new, part II movie will follow a different plot line. In this epic rendition here are the the players; 1.3 billion people, Fastest growing economy, attitude for itself, untapped potential, and multiple suitors for role of aircraft provider. The story line follows an innocent plot of airline executive going to China to make a pitch at an aircraft symposium on the next 30 years. However, China would like to be its own champion in the picture of supplying the world with aircraft. Randy must convince the Chinese that Boeing has an insurmountable lead on China's aspirations and will continue to build upon its advancement in the next 30 years for China. China will only play an after market role for its own manufacturing role of a framer for modern jets. By the time China goes all plastic for an airplane that could compete on the world scene, it will still be behind Boeing in progress but can still capture its own niche market. China's aviation community nods a collective acknowledgement and smiles because it has a syndrome in hand. A process through acquiring gap shrinking technology at an alarming rate through all means possible. That is China Syndrome II in the reverse meltdown of  both Airbus and Boeing's technology lead.

How will that technology acquisition occur?  A simple plan is in process. The Syndrome is that China would like to become partners with both giants in building
proven parts for advanced aircraft assemblies. That will offer an extremely affordable environment  and ship a convenient flow of engineering and parts to its providers, Boeing and Airbus. The Syndrome will develop a capability that will compete with the giants in spit of all Boeing precautions. The China Syndrome is melting down all trade secrets and advancements with its appeal of a 1.3 billion person enticement for selling aircraft to 1/5th of world population under one flag. Any responsible leader of the aircraft world will go there to sell airplanes. Here is the syndrome's deal. We want to buy your airplanes by the bucket loads, tell us how we can sign-up and on what line.  How many Max's and Dream-Liners Randy Tinseth queries? China Syndrome people respond, "we want the same relationship that Japan has with Boeing.  You know, some manufacturing in China tied to  these commitments."
Randy smiles,"Okay, I see what you are talking about."

Randy also retorts, "Japan is our valued customer and launch customers." Now the China Syndrome  people must consider its options by laying down some carefully scripted responses; "Let us get back to you Randy, as we analyze our own potentials (Airbus) and needs you have presented for a realistic growth potential with China. We want to select the highest technological aircraft possible in the world. (wink-wink). So we may advance our customers needs with the highest quality in future flights (wink-wink). Randy most graciously inquires, "do you need some eye drops with that?" The China Syndrome Committee, almost melts in its chairs at that suggestion, but continues with the script. "Our desire is to partner with you, Randy, so that we may build a stronger relationship (our own aviation manufacturing) that can fly us around the world (in our own aircraft)."  Randy now senses the winking jargon towards Boeing and remains resolved to establish a dialogue for selling airplanes. His mission not disrupted, but he is more vowed to defeat the China Syndrome Committee of 7 from getting Boeing secrets with his own offer that they can't refuse.

The movie plot line does not have Jane Fonda or Michael Douglas in action, but does have the sage experience of seasoned veterans, providing company product without the secrets. Reverse engineering isn't all that, as what they make it up to be from urban legends fame. The fact finding plot line is moving behind the scenes with a meltdown of what's in Boeing's sauce for aviation. It's clear to Boeing what it is selling, but not clear to Boeing what China really wants to buy.