Wednesday, September 18, 2013

777-X Rumor Has IT, Shh Lufthansa May Order 34 -9X

I was just going down the half way when I heard this conversation between the janitor and the security guard on "coffee break", so they told me! That Lufthansa makes a play it safe order for 34,  777-9X orders and moves on 20-25 A-350's.

Warning, this could be all wet, because the janitor and the guard are good friends and they really know what's going on at Lufthansa(?).  Since, they have postponed the announce until tomorrow morning US time.

I will expect a mixed Boeing-Airbus order book.  Wouldn't it be neat if the 20-25 A-350-9's turn out to be 20-25 787-9's for commonalities sake adding to the 34, 777-X--9's, hinted at by the security guard. I don't really know, so this is a teaser for tomorrow's wake-up call.

I know Boeing has a dog in this fight and will make significant gain in the European Market place. Either way meet the game changers. It won't be the Lufthansa or the A-350-9 as a dance pair.