Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Boeing Manufacturing Spider Is Growing More Legs For The 777X

Just a few days ago it was noted on how Boeing will quickly implement its NW footprint for the manufacturer of its Legacy 777-X in the upcoming few years. Going over seas could take added time for a manufacturing role out and a delegation of inside capabilities for new technology could be lost to supplying  partners. The risk of out sourcing proprietary design for outside build partners is high.  At some point one may ask if Boeing can indeed build an aircraft any longer in a stand alone effort  in the Pacific Northwest.  That ship has sailed, but maintaining the ability of having major parts and pieces keeps Boeing building aircraft from engineering clear through the role out of an aircraft without it wondering how an overseas calamity breaking out in different parts of the world. Sinking the whole project into oblivion.

Boeing is entertaining the idea of expanding its footprint at home in Everett, and the north  end of the I-5 corridor. An article by the has echoed a recent blog on LiftnDrag by reporting how the local Government are greasing the wheels for Boeing, by fast tracking the permit process for building facilities on, around, and adjacent to Paine Field. This can be done in a few weeks rather than a few years. The County  of Snohomish  isn't doing this on its own councils idea of good neighbors to Boeing. But are doing it as a proposal from Boeing, of what could the county and State do in assisting Boeing in fast tracking a significant project in the next year. The County has identified significant property for Boeing that can be fast tracked into a building project. Similar to what was done in Charleston, building its giant factory in 10 months down in the low country. Snohomish County may experience a new wing factory and automated systems that will flow to the Paine area in a gigantic scale, so the lines of supply are shortened and management becomes more efficient, escorting the process to fruition.  No more avoidable snags and incompetent decision making on the 777-X. Boeing is just not building the best, but they are doing it with lessons learned from the 787 project. The short source will quickly build the infrastructure to do the job right it cannot experience 10 years of delay.

  • Shorten the supply line.
  • Control the manufacture base.
  • Make efficient the resources that are available. Location Property and Human resource.
  • Leverage what already works well
  • All Efforts Relate to Time reductions and Controls.
  • Outsources are localized as possible.

These are just a few items that should be considered when the 777X is given the ATO. After making these few observations please read this article and see if these concepts enumerated above hold any substance.

Fast Permits Signal Snohomish  County Is A 777X player