Friday, August 2, 2013

No Matter What, The 787 Battery Has Become A Non Issue

I almost want, another 787 battery to act up in commercial operations. As grizzly or harsh that statement may sound, it is not a wish for passengers or airlines that it would want to experience such an event. It is my sincerest hope this does not happen on a commercial flight. "I almost", is best experienced on a test aircraft and not on an airline in service. Boeing needs to fly its test copy as often as possible with the fix. Especially from Japan to Boston, over and over again until it gets a "Run Away Battery Event" during the life of a battery under operation. Fly it from Japan to Boston with Wi Fi blaring tunes, and ovens cooking up a storm and Airport ground crews filling-er up on Jet-A, over and over again for a year. Take company people for a ride and let them do what passengers do on long trips, play with stuff on board. Take new flight crews in-training that will serve the ever curious test passengers on their quest to push new buttons on the aircraft and have luggage gorillas stow the luggage as some kind of football event. Make that battery system work through its paces in hopes that it will light-up when at rest or even in flight.

If Boeing can get or replicate the "runaway event", then it will answer many and more questions, because the system they have built should recover that battery before it destroys itself resting at the Jetway. Boeing may remove that battery with a mountain of lifetime data before it incinerates itself.

  • Boeing could prove to everyone, steps taken are excellent for preventing any unknown root cause.
  • Boeing would demonstrate steps taken will control any catastrophic battery event like a total meltdown.
  • If a test event arises, Boeing will find the root cause and make the electronic changes to the system as an official solution.
  • Move staff back and forth on long routes, ensuring optimum exposure to traveling public, let the staff critic the experience.
  • Pay the airlines to service the airplane.
  • Pay the airlines, to staff a cabin crew for training.
  • Commit to flying that test 787 everyday for a year.
  • Hide your testing from the participating crew and passengers as you monitor normal operations in transit.
  • This a proof on concept moment for any airline wishing to participate, and how they intend to operate this Boeing aircraft, While at no cost to customers participating. Make it a Win-Win proposition.
  • Operate this aircraft as if it is running an airline and not just testing, testing, and testing.
  • Having an event with daily operations may lead to the root cause and solve the problem.

Putting to rest the ever annoying press as it lamely limps lethargically, as did in the 7L87 days.

Starting each headline with unrelenting content. The Three Year Blah, Blah- Is Beating The Competition." 

Or, "The 7L87 Has Completed Two Years Of Service on Customer Flights"

Now We have: "An Engine Oil Filter Is Changed Out Because Of Indicator Light. This Is Not Battery Related"  Do I now have to say Duh!

Next year The Headlines will go as follows: "The 787-9 Carries Its First Passengers, Coffee Spilled Is Not Related To Last Year's Battery Explosions"

All headlines lead to calamity, making the 787 sound like the most fatal, most crashed aircraft in the history of Yellow Journalism.  European press will do a great job of ("covering" over) the A350 race to last place.

Now on to the Fake headlines:

Faulty Dimmer Switch Has Been Located In The Tail Section Of ANA 7L87 Not related To Last Year's Battery Explosions Conducted At Japanese Battery Manufacturer Of Car Batteries 

A Dimmer Switch Is Missing In This Tail Section of Another Aircraft Type and Airline

Even Though This is What A Tail Section Of A 7L87 Looks Like Floating In Water, It's not a 787 Tail Section, But It Could Be, and Could Be Near its 787 Battery Case Directly Below The Surface. But who knew, but I made you look, and think bad things about the 787 and its batteries being installed late on the 3 year late 787(required "late and battery reference on all news articles whether its related or not").