Saturday, August 10, 2013

Is Eight Enough? or Should You Go Decked To The 9's

Jet Star Is Out on the Boeing play-ground with its 335 seat 787-8. I thought Ryan Air was Brilliant with its 291 seat pleasure pusher last month, but "Holy lumbar support Batman", Robin screeches as Jet Star will load the cord wood and sardines in workman like order on the Jet Star 787. Did you know the -9 will hold forty more passengers than the -8. It makes me wonder what comparison Boeing is using, a 200 seat ANA to a 240 Seat ANA or a 335 seat seat Jet Star to a 375 seat -9 Jet Star or Qantas.

I believe then answer is in the Qantas strategy.  The -8 for Jet Star is a people mover and the Qantas-9 will be a destination aircraft that will stay configured for pleasure and business travel, making it the marquee way to see Australia.

The only Jet Star Seating Chart Available for its 335 passengers on the, "787-8-is-enough", is found on the chart below.

Boeing has spurred 787 wars much to is delight. Shots have been fired across the bow, among budding Airline stars like Jet Star, Ryan Air and Norwegian Air. You may say wait,, what? Just look at the cause and effect flow chart of perry and thrust antics of airlines.

Follow this logical sequence for a moment.  Jet Star is a value passenger carrier from point A to Point B for Qantas. The -8 is needed in this manner. Air India is coming to Australia with a lower density -8 than the Jet Star.  Qantas has a different business  model  than both Jet Star and Air India. So how will Qantas use its -8's? It won't, it will use its -9 with a customary high standard that Qantas will propose by expanding room for its travelers over the likes of its own Jet Star, Lion Air or any other value hauler in the region.

"All Jet Stars older A-330's" go to Qantas, because those A-330 can service the Qantas business model as a stand-in,  as a more compliant type for the Qantas mission until the arrival of the -9. However, when the -9's are ready, its a farewell for the A-330 one at a time.

Jet Star's New Aircraft Comes Up A Dream

Europe has a similar war with moving pieces on the Airline game board. Lets focus on Norwegian and Ryan Air. Even though Ryan Air doesn't have the legs of the 787-8, its market is in jeopardy from Norwegian Air. Even though a long flight is in Norwegian capability, it can challenge Ryan's ever expanding market into Europe. However, Norwegian Achilles heel is to better utilizing the 787 for its long legs over having it make regional 3k-4k stops on the continent, as Ryan is currently positioned to do so.  Ryan will not Blink and buy 787's to counter this threat, but Norwegian has launched into orders for both the 787-8 and added  100 Max -800 units. So the regional concept of Ryan will now share the market and counter Norwegian with Boeing product. Norwegian has hedged its bets with an additional NEO order appeasing its European clientele .

Has Norwegian Long Haul LLC Upstaged Ryan Air?

Boeing's delight is that the paradigm has shifted towards it products as the airplane wars has shifted towards Boeing's family of aircraft battle field and are now in the mix or in the fight. Signs of Airplane Wars Strategic planning are as follows:

  • Split Orders for Both The Max and Neo
  • Movement of Inventory From one Subsidiary to Another
  • Using Long legged aircraft in regional markets for efficiency and customer appeal
  • Placing options until business model evolves, then change or lock order
  • A continuous route expansion using old equipment
  • Making alliances with multiple airlines 
Boeing smiles wide and broad across the Globe as Randy Tinseth boards one more flight to somewhere with a new Boeing aircraft application of the Max or 787 family of aircraft. The customer eagerly awaits the pitch so they may proceed to wage war on its competition. To the Ryan Air, Norwegian, Jet Star  and Air India's of the world, keep on keeping on. You make Boeing's day.