Wednesday, August 14, 2013

History Is Found In The Heart Of Boeing, Everett

Boeing History Link via

Peruse on over to to the official link above, and read about Everett Washington and Boeing History.  You get a sense of purpose, dedication, and innovation for the last 60 years from the Everett Boeing works.  You may want to examine this article as a reflective message for the future.  What has Boeing wrought from the past, and what it is capable of doing in the future with its roots.  I only can say abandonment of Everett is not in its future. It is the, "do it right" spirit that can and will mold Boeing's future. History lessons point to adjustments and refinement of good things experienced. If it ain't broke don't fix Everett. Then play the encore Everett, with this admonition, "you didn't know you had a good thing when you had it". Everett is not just a label, its a way of expectation and exceptional-ism at aviation's roots. The string of 747,757,767,777 and 787 points to a complete portfolio of exceptional advances from Everett. Charleston becomes a needed annex within Everett's view, because the land it needs is probably under water in Puget Sound, so Charleston is that land extending the Everett purpose to the East  Coast. Charleston will become exceptional due to Everett's DNA imbued into Charleston's buildings and flight line.