Monday, August 5, 2013

Charleston Is Late To The Manufacturing Date

By now most people recognize one thing. Like a kids at the candy store, they can't move fast or they will drop the candy before they reach the store door door. Everett has it down after five years. They got figured out how to get out the jaw breakers from bouncing off the factory floor. The Puget Sound Business Journal, has brought to the attention of the Northwest region that Jobs are still a pretty good bet if you work in aviation.  The Charleston plant can't cut it when they need to push candy out the door.

Will Boeing reach 60 787's this year? That is the multi-billion dollar question!  The answer is in some production meeting somewhere between August and September. The airplane marketing gurus will tell anyone anything just to reassure VP's and Airline CEO's.  Charleston will grow up and punch out the 787-8,-9-10 at some time. Or they or they will genuflect to the Max. However, the main thing is to reach 100 and above  units of 787 flying around the world by the end of the year.

Those following the 787 saga should take into consideration projections are hopeful thoughts that would make a perfect Boeing World, and not to bet the farm on hopeful thoughts even through a Certified Balance Sheet or Audit which they gladly paste onto its purchased prospectus. Boeing can't control the weather yet, but can issue raincoats in large abundance. The real focus is not on graphs, slopes and tendency. It is on those pesky gum-balls rolling across the factory floor as they head towards the delivery door. The kids in the candy store, don't think they are being watched by anyone and the big-shots pretend to not notice and  keep on talking to anyone who will listen at social gatherings and press conferences.

However, therefore and so forth.... The children of the store are very mature  and will put Charleston on Aviation's Map. After-all this is Charleston's third year (third grade) at this and Everett has had its graduation ceremony with the 787. Proud parents that gloat over its progeny often overstate performance of a little league budding star as if he were in the majors. Consistently exposing a belief that this Charleston kid is going to pitch a twenty game win streak next year during his fourth grade season. This will eventually become a true fact, but has to suffer some reality checks along the way.  This Boeing Parent will upgrade its own video cameras each year as Charleston continue towards a full ride scholarship into the majors. That will happen as more money is applied to its development in Charleston. The Everett child need not worry yet as it will not have to give up its bedroom and move out for this Charleston little brother upstart. Payton Manning had a similar little brother perception problem, but he eventually moved to Denver and is checking his Hall of Fame digs as he consistently lets it fly a mile high.