Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Air India, The Change Incorporation And Rework Business

No better relationship has developed than Boeing and Air India. One who has a back- log in the waiting, and the other who has a Government in the waiting. Change Incorporation has become the buzz word for both as they sort out early airplane builds. While the other sorts out its ability to build an airline business out its government. The metaphor is not lost on this partnership. Change Incorporation is the common theme.

Even though Air India could of have more 787 units flying than its recently delivered 8th Dreamliner. Change incorporation  status had helped both players. Change incorporation was born out of Boeing's necessary steps of making the "early builds" a viable flying machine. Translation, during the first 40 builds, redo's ran rampant as engineers tweaked the design while suppliers wrote back by asking for a "never mind" reprieve from earlier miscalculations, hence off to the The Change Incorporation Purgatory".  By the way purgatory was canceled by the last Pope.

Its a place where the few chosen ones can install years worth of upgrades, matching the build, LN 120 requirements, coming out those big 40-24 doors.  Boeing had an immense amount space available other than parking some early builds outside, way out into the rains, storing its backlog that have: design, parts and assembly flubs awaiting engines and the right stuff.  So it started the Change Incorporation and Rework Center (CIRC) aka: Everett Modification Center(EMC); for housing those 200 million $ a copy 787's, from curing out in the elements and moving them "in", for getting them into customer's hands at discounts. Forming a very complex Boeing discussion at the very least.

Royal Air Maroc gets a snow shovel for its aircraft-in-waiting.

Simultaneously, along comes an eager Air India who places a large early order of some 27 copies where it is in no condition of receiving 787 within a year's notice.

Boeing places a call to Air India saying, "we've got one ready".

Air India calls  back, "I don't know yet the Government hasn't told us  whether we can afford a delivery", or the money has to be in US dollars or Crore.

"The Not Ready For Prime Time Players", are in a quandary.

Boeing says,  "no worries we have CIRC, which is our hedge against delivery failures. We will just twiddle the inventory a little longer until the money, errrh, India's government is ready from bureaucratic levels".

Air India's early order turns out to be brilliant for both. It gave time to short out problems at both ends.  The "incompetence" and underestimations at both ends finds a win- win situation in change incorporation. Below is a chart highlighting 787 Blogger disposition of the 787, so I'll copy and paste over Boeing's first 40 frames current status relating to just Air India's status:

AI, "We've got you in line for the CIRC, so we can short out problems from both ends!"

Line\    Body  Serial   Tail\     Model Customer   Engine              Staus
LN25 ZA230 36273 VT-ANA 787-8 Air India GE GEnx-1B Change Incorporation and Re-Work Everett EMC Bay A Everett

LN26 ZA231 36274 VT-ANB 787-8 Air India GE GEnx-1B Change Incorporation and Re-Work Everett EMC Bay B Everett

LN29      ZA233 36278 VT-AND 787-8 Air India GE GEnx-1B Delivered Delivered Delivered Delivered 40755 41170 2nd Air India

LN28 ZA232 36279 VT-ANC 787-8 Air India GE GEnx-1B Change Incorporation and Re-Work Everett EMC Bay C Everett

LN32 ZA235 36275 VT-ANG 787-8 Air India GE GEnx-1B Pre-Flight Prep Everett Flightline Stall 118 Everett

LN30 ZA234 36280 VT-ANE 787-8 Air India GE GEnx-1B Pre-Flight Prep Everett EMC Position XC Everett

LN35 ZA236 36276 VT-ANH 787-8 Air India GE GEnx-1B Delivered Delivered Delivered Delivered 40933 41157 1st Air India Everett

A total of Seven Aircraft accounted for out of the first 40 builds from all of Boeing's 787 customers.

These aircraft represent about 25% of Air India's future fleet, some of which are now in service. The latest Boeing delivery was to ANA, LN120,  on August 21, 2013  as a reference point for Change Incorporation and Rework Bliss founded for AI (EMC  Hell for Boeing).  Out of this bunch two have been delivered and two are in a holding stage for testing, called Preflight Preparation. The other three are parked in the fog of upgrades and rework.

One Aircraft is Ready For Delivery but the expecting Father has not arrived from India to Paine Field. Something to due with problems with a "money order" or a cash machine pin number malfunction.

One more aircraft is in the long queue, way... back in line, standing on paper at a parts position LN158. So with Aircraft spread all over the map it allows time for Air India to spend time getting money, talking to the Government and advertising the anticipation of the next game changer. A perfect solution for Air India and more re-work room for Boeing to bury the 7-late-7 image. Coincidentally, AI has 7, late 7's listed above coming out of The Change Incorporation and Rework Center. There is meaning in numbers, at least with the number 7, and not being a part of the LN-terrible-teens (LN 13-19), is a good thing for AI.

Change Incorporation and Rework Center (or CIRC) is a most excellent adventure as in "Bill and Ted", who seem to always come out of a problem during time travel with a "Party On Dude " attitude. However, Boeing isn't doing it with an old phone booth they have air conditioning, and very big buildings to make its own time travel with an EMC twist for the shorter CIRC line from both ends.

Air India is willing and ready to delay the next delivery awaiting government approval, who would officially approve financing, only if it knew about time value for finances. What an excellent adventure for Air India as they try to Emulate More Competence (EMC)  through  the parody of Napoleon's Historical battles found in the European Market place, and not lose (Bill & Ted's, "Party On Dude War Cry").

All anyone needs to know at this time is that Air India ordered 27 Dream-Liners and...

  • AI has 8  Dreamliners
  • AI has 1 Dreamliner for delivery but waiting for something before taking it home.
  • Boeing has 2  Dreamliners in a preflight Gestation
  • Boeing has 1 Dreamliner on the parts wish list for AI, collecting parts.

Unless I missed the count (that's possible):

Totals 12 Dreamliners out of 27. Leaving 15 unaccounted for, at this time.

What  to expect:

787 Air India hulls will be out of Boeing's shorter CIRC court by years end, and will measure out its deliveries to Air India, when AI is really capable of induction (which kind of resembles a sucking sound). Rather than building aircraft because AI ordered first; Boeing can't afford the Financial change incorporation and rework of (FCIRC)...from its Air India partner, who happens to have its own Empty Monetary Currency (EMC) approach, once Boeing empties its own shorter CIRC and corporate named EMC of AI Equipment, it will build the AI fleet at a different pace.