Tuesday, July 16, 2013

LHR Board Game "Clueless" Gives Colonel Mustard Relief Of The Galley Coffee Pot


WRAPUP 2-Battery in Honeywell locator eyed in 787 fire probe -source

Here are the "Clueless" cards dealt out today.

* Different type of battery than in earlier groundings

* Honeywell says no previous experience of problems

* Boeing shares recover much of what they lost Friday

* But analysts wary of any new 787 technology issue

  • Professor Plum* A transponder offianado is questioned! No report concluded.
  • Miss Scarlet* No Longer under Consideration Since Miss Scarlett Is Lithium -Ion Free
  • Colonel Mustard*  No Longer under consideration since the Coffee Pot In The galley came Clean
  • Mr. Green*  The aircraft is so green with a low flash point; everyone nods its so Green and moves on.
  • Mrs. White*  Boeing stays clean at LHR since Scarlett has been exonerated.
  • Mrs. Peacock*  NBC news reports, enough said.
  • Lady Lavender* Once again, the lighting of lavender has not been the root cause.
  • Mrs. Meadow-Brook*  I didn't see Mrs. Meadow-Brook coming down the jet way, and she is a strong candidate.
  • Prince Azure*  If staying in the desert keeps the aircraft flying, so be it.
  • Rusty*  The maintenance geek cannot be found at this time. 
  • The Butler* The flight crew keeps insisting "It Wasn't Me", The Butler after all is English from LHR.

WASHINGTON, July 15 (Reuters) - Investigators are looking into whether the fire on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in London last week was caused by the battery of an emergency locator transmitter built by Honeywell International Inc, according to a source familiar with the probe. 

Professor Plum is on the hot seat, (no pun intended).

The Butler* Since the Butler always does it in airplane mysteries, I would consider looking at the hall tree near the rear exit more closely, right below the transponder area. If no clues can be found, then he did it out of a mystery novel tradition.