Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Speculating Through Blogger Spectacles On Paris, 787-10 and 777X

Some Aviation writer specialist types are thinking, rightly so, the Boeing will address the 777X at a big blowout in Dubais' airshow this fall.

Analyst: Boeing could launch 787-10X at Paris Air Show, but ...

They start with "But"....

I'll start with...

However, Boeing has two trump cards to play at the Paris Air Show. The 787-10 and 777-X.  The launch customer gets to decide.   Boeing could do the Paris Air Show for the 777 X, but would stand back on the announce per request of the Arab launch customers.  A  Tightly held secret by both Boeing and "Customer (s).

Airbus has ran its offering to the playground fence and is chiding Boeing about bringing a bigger playground ball to the Park and Fly held in Paris.  So I contemplated if I were some Big Time Boeing Exec , CEO Like, what would I do in this gamesmanship of airplanes held at the biggest stage or at the Biggest customer's stage in announcing what will go down at Paris. My two hole cards are in play. I want to win the hand and I don't want to double down with both the -10 or X cards at the same time. I want to use the the X Card after Airbus plays its -9 Bus at Paris and trump it later with some high paying jackpot.

Boeing has sloughed and bluffed for the Paris Card Table with the X.  After thinking about the above article link, it is logical to think that a 2020 timeline airplane can wait to play its trump card for the Launch Customer (s) in Dubais. Here is what Boeing will throw into the pot at Dubai's these extra Chips.

Dubai Chip Pot for Boeing:
  • Launch Customers... 
  • Customer Configurations of what is needed and wanted.
  • More advance engineering points locked down on the 777-X
  • A duopoly of launch Customers, one for the 8X and One for 9X
  • Innovation, range, and efficiency milestones not yet firmed for Paris will show up for Dubai.
  • An earlier prediction made by LiftnDrag was the 777-x went underground and won't  emerge until Airbus A350 is all in so its off to Dubai.
  • Airbus will be "all in" with the pot at Paris, Boeing Takes the Pot at Dubai.

Now for the 787-10 at Paris If I were CEO for the week:

I would reread Aspires Article if April 24, 2013 for a warm-up:

Boeing Dreamliner Is A Dream Come True, Again

"As the modification work began on 10 fleet and 9 production aircraft, which will be completed on the bulk of the fleet by mid-May, Boeing could finally put behind and look beyond the latest fiasco, get the focus right on the production ramp-up to 10 aircraft per month by the end of this year, introducing the stretched and significantly improved 787-9 variant in early 2014, as well as launching the highly sought-after 323-seat double-stretched 787-10X variant, where a latent demand is awaiting to be unleashed to replace the 777-200ER, Airbus A330-200s and -300s in one fell swoop.
Provided that Boeing execute well on these challenging but not insurmountable tasks, a big ‘if’ after earning a serious black eye in its perennial delivery delays and the latest battery grounding episode, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner could well be a dream come true for the Chicago-based airframer again."
Is the power point working, Okay, good.

First slide:
Faux Quotes from CEO LiftnDrag
"Let me just say our competitors can't cover all the bases at the same time because they don't know what we know. They are still presuming the A350 series and A330 plus customer loyalty will rule the week. Let's go down the bullet points on powerpoint!"  (light laughter).....

First up on the list is...

  • The 787-10 Launch Customer announcement for Paris.
Fly on the wall note by LnD: "I have know idea who that may be. In fact I haven't found a sniff of a clue.  But if they are going to announce at Paris they have one bagged by now, and are awaiting the big stage. Here are the usual suspects lined up in profile in the bright spot light lineup room for the witnesses.

New Zealand
Arab Nations
And BA.

The CEO has someone whisper into his ear at this time and all you get is a smile.

Next slide
  • Boeing brings a band to Paris as the CEO quips, "is the music arranged as well as the  Balloons".
Next slide: 

Announces new orders for the Max is on tap and should establish parity with the competitor.

  • The 737 Max and NG have an additional 100 orders, ...

"who will run that presentation?"

Now onto the 777X, we are going to be very careful on this presentation. This is this years game changer.

Next slides:

  • The 777X will have 300 orders by the end of the year but no announcement on the launch customer until Dubai.
  • The 777-X presentation includes all "A350 beater" stats. Sales has the presentation.
  • 777-X innovations presentations, is the teaser for the Dubai show.