Thursday, May 2, 2013

777X All Flight Plans Lead To Paris

The news is full of the 777X today, recounting what LiftnDrag has been hinting at for some time during the last six months. There is a new sheriff in town, and it will be the  777-8 and-9. Look at a few notable links and you get the sense Boeing is just about to let the cat out of the bag in the next few weeks with additional details comprising its recent Authority to Offer (ATO). If Boeing chooses to do so, it will "leak out", in Paris who the signature Launch Customers (LC) are during the "Airshow and Tell"?

These are just a few links today explaining what was in the works back in December 2012 and earlier. An announcement to launch will come in two weeks or, mid month. Feature Customer(s) will come out at Paris, even though Boeing has probably made some kind of memorandum of understanding with its lead customer already, it just needs to tweak what it can and will deliver that configuration for that customer. Folding wings is an exciting concept that will be "on" or "laid to rest" in the next couple of weeks. 

Followed by these talking points:

  • GE New engines technology
  • Composite applications on the aircraft Wing Box area and lifting surfaces.
  • New Technology Aluminum for the body
  • New Dimensions and Capacities 
  • Performance projections
  • Core Architecture improvements (all electric ?)
  • Wing design geometry changes, affecting inflight configuration and performance.
The bottom line is a 50/50 aircraft of composites and new generation metals. The body will be metal, but the aircraft will have composite features throughout. The 777X is all about weight reduction and size flexibility.  It may add nine inches to the barrel for 9-10 across seating, and have folding wings, but the wings will also look more like an 787 wing made of composites when extended.

The Max will take similar technical improvements on board as does the 777X. A lot of questions will be answered and validated at the announcements.

The 777x can and will compete well with the A-350-1000. It gives customers a lot to think about until Paris, where Boeing will announce initial sales and go into details about the 777X.

I believe Boeing will announce two LC's at Paris, one for the -8 and one for -9, or it could be just one LC with both models. There are several suitors who want that designation of LC. The ATO means Boeing has verbal signals in hand enough to make noise, and it will come with a big splash announcement at paris in 47 or so days. The LC will have to have a significant order book. Go to Paris and see history made with Boeing.