Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Paris Air Show - Paper, Plastic, or Aluminum For Your Purchases

Things and stuff about the Paris Air Show I want to learn.

Paper Exposition or the 777X

Go to Paris and find out about this paper Airplane called the 777X. So far
its folded and flown around drafting rooms on electronic screens, However, its currently flying the world incognito, as a 777-300 or 200. I give it an Exclusive LnD Fly on The wall rating of:

Three Flies,which is the highest rating, you need to be there camped out at the Boeing Pavillion. You need three items: a camp chair, camera, and cup holder. I assume people with have standard equipment in backpacks, recorders or other ancillary products for documentation. This is all a show and tell extravaganza of paper and paper products regarding the 777X. However, as much paper thrown about the room, in the form of paper airplanes, spit wads and crumbled up paper balls, this story will have legs at the Paris Paper Airplane Airshow. Look for more preliminary announcements on the 777X, maybe even an announced featured first customer along with a Boeing Authority to offer the X plane.  If Boeing can pull this stunt off it means, they are really busy beyond belief on the 777X, because they feel they have a winner. If not, I have been duped into believing my own sensibilities and recoil with the dreaded Fly Swatter.

Plastic Exposition or  Known as the 787 vs The A350 show and tell.

Plastic is the new light bulb. Get rid of your old Edison filament bulb as mandated by manufacturer talking points. Battery talk will hold a Back Slapping Ball at the Boeing and Airbus pavilions.  One will proudly exclaim we are all about safety, and have mitigated any risk, and did the right thing. The other will smartly state we are safer because we are using proven technology to make the biggest and best airplane in the size matters wars. I would not expect to take my lawn chair at that event and camp overnight. It is a walk-up feature to fill you swag bag of complementary plastic items appreciated by fans of a particular airframer. If you want a big event photo, take your picture near somebody important here, or go to the press conference as bragging about new orders begins. What can Boeing say that it already hasn't said before. Its more of a pep rally venue for plastic. Airbus will roll out "the mouth pieces", and talk once again about size matters and sing one more chorus of "How Great Thou Art" on the A380 and the new upcoming A350-1000. Boeing innovates innovation and Airbus wants so much to be "Big Man on Campus" with its own follow on minion swooning over every Airbus comment.

Boeing Plastic Exposition (one Fly)        Airbus Plastic Exposition (one fly)
                                 If John Leahy Keeps Talking I will Just Skip It and swat at it.


Aluminum Exposition:

Now we are talking, about the little engine that could. Plastic is for, well you know, the Yuppies. The Aluminum news is like getting in on the new camping cookware and survival food. You buy it because you need it, but you don't necessarily enjoy the experience, like you do flying on a plastic cruiser. The news is in Boeing's court for 2013, for the Max. Just because I am a loyal fan of this American manufactured (for the most part) aircraft doesn't mean I don't look at the Airbus A320 developments. I just don't comment on it because its not in my own area of interest. I save that for my European Neophytes who should embellish that product. So I remain the embellishment of  Boeing's Dream.

Digression over, back to the Max: This is a wiley aircraft not to be underestimated. That is why I would want to bring a buddy, as a fellow fly on the wall, with me to the show. The Max will have updates, promises and some realities exposed to those "fly's", if they position themselves into the correct corner of the room. Models are put out in central areas. Its not paper, since it has orders and its not plastic, well its a new generation flying aluminum. Its not a 787 or 777 technology but will borrow, steal or walk-off quietly with those secrets, from its sibling stable mates. Therefore, it is at the crossroad from Paper to Aluminum in 2013. Thats why I want to bring a friend along for saying, "cool", without looking like a fool talking to myself. This will be a friend friendly environment where sharing talk is fashionable. The 737 moment is rapidly approaching, "an apex of its aspirations", and you want to be there to see it. Possibly you will find out newsworthy stuff and other blogger friendly facts. I would look forward to see how its harnessing 787 synergy with Max innovation. The proposed 737 Max is going to be a lighter more fuel efficient, and carrying more passengers than the Neo. How is Boeing going to do it, Then go to Paris and find out.

Boeing MAX Aluminum Pavillion (Two Flies need to be there)

Fly Swatters Will Be Ushered Out at this pavillion.

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