Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Reluctant Aeronaut, The FAA

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Don Knotts is Roy Fleming, a small town kiddie-ride operator who is deathly afraid of heights(FAA). After learning that his father has signed him up for the space program, Roy reluctantly heads for Houston, only to find out upon arriving that his job is a janitor, not an aeronaut  Anxious to live up to the expectations of his domineering father, Roy manages to keep up a facade of being an aeronaut to his family and friends. When Boeing decides to launch a lay person into the air to prove the worthiness of a new automated Boeing 787, Roy gets the chance to confront his fears.Written by Teresa E Tutt <tuttt@rpi.edu>

Changing it to  The Reluctant FAA, staring Don Knotts and that Airship the 787, with an overly robust Battery array, which melts your heart. This is not trivializing the FAA or Boeing's problem, but it points out the delicate dance between Boeing and the FAA.

New Script Writing:

She Said, "I have a solution."
He said, "Not so Fast"
She said, "We are bringing it to DC for show & Tell.
He Said, "not so fast."
She said, "whats wrong we spent 72 hours on a solution."
He said, "Not so fast"

What Boeing doesn't realize is they are talking to the "Reluctant Answering Machine" with the recorded message of , "Not so Fast".

Ray Conner has pronounce a Boeing immediate fix, plan of action, and solutions! When the FAA  has not even received its allotment of red pens and yellow markers due to budget sequestration. Sounds like sequestration is a personal problem for the FAA.

The Reluctant Astronaut

No one, I repeat, No one, wants to sign-off on a Boeing scheme, and them go down in history as the person who signed off on a Boeing Scheme. A problem Boeing needs to address. Until Boeing gets a plethora of FAA suits singing in the Boeing choir, even though the Boeing choir director says, "this new tune is marvelous", it is stalled. I've been in those kind choirs before when the Choir directer spends copious minutes pouring over musical score. Believing it to the most fantastic music ever conceived. Then the choir director foist this aberration on its choir, expecting common voices to sing an abstract musical, that sounds like crap!  The only one in the room getting excited is the director. The choir isn't ready and never will be ready until the music is singable for its skill level. The FAA is retracted in its hole and will not sign off on this symphonic, "Little Big Horn proposal", until more troops are assembled that will and can sign off other than Ray Conner pen.

Boeing has a solid work-around-able fix which could be a new production standard for its future use of its Lithium ion applications. Battery theory suggest that having a battery segregation blanket will prevent runaways from spreading. Has Boeing already solved battery runaway from starting? That is my primary question.  A fire extinguisher is fine, but a fire is still a concern. If Boeing has solved internal heat management for each of its batteries, then go fly until the next big model knocks you off the pedestal.