Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Because I Flounder Each Day I Turn To A Tried And True Parody

The paradoxical Boeing "Board" Game of Operations

The Boeing Board Game offers an tremendous opportunity to examine how an all electric game fails to sort out Boeing's overly saturated guesstimations of  its battery, providing you with an all electrical format, and the following sketches. It will illustrate how the Boeing  Board outlines its full recovery from the electrical purgatory, as it climbs out the bathroom tub.

Step one: What's connected and what's not connected, or putting it in the, "I can do it myself mode".

Step 2: I want to fix the All Electric Boeing Board Game using this  schematic from, the "All Electric Boeing Board"

The Board members have already jumped in, now its your turn to find where the lead foot is on the 787 project.

The Electrical, "No So Funny Bone" was engaged just recently after two months of grounding. The wish bone came online just last week with a team of problem solvers, from both Seattle and Japan.

Step 3: I warning you my 787 humor is down in the dumps and this is the best I came up with the answers available. I am moving in for the kill with printed out schematic instructions of solutions for the all electric Boeing Board.

Step 4: But I have to go through Boeing's PR department, which I don't mind at all, considering wine is served at all PR events.

So here in my brutal and coarse attempt for solving the All Electrical Boeing Board of Directors 787 problems It is found with this press release. The Book of PR Solutions outlines a handsome solution, coming in a size 2 (see above one more time).

Final Step:

It all depends on how low you want to go, attaching the power pack to the Boeing Board. Once done it will determine how much you able to solve the problem! Cheers!